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The prompt from Julia this week is Remembrance.
Although her picture shows poppies and is obviously linked to Armistice Day, you can take the prompt in what ever direction you like.
Good Luck, and remember to post your stories here!


There is a poem by the surgeon turned poet John Keats about autumn that you can read here.

In it, he describes autumn in the countryside when the fruit trees are laden, the air is filled with bees, and the days are warm. (more…)

New 100 Word Challenge

Posted: July 18, 2013 by INC in 100 Word challenge, Flash fiction
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Julia has posted a picture for the current challenge.
Click here to see the prompt.

The Date

Posted: July 5, 2013 by dukefrederick in 100 Word challenge

As I was waiting on the beach, I just stared at my watch.Though I figured she could be hiding, possibly hiding inside a nearby bin.

Up, down, left and right I just started to feel a lot less bright, then two hours later as I started to leave the strangest thing happened.One of the recycling bins I saw just began to talk, as I thought I was beginning to go mad the bin said that it was my date. (more…)

The sky was full of clouds making shadows on the water, hanging like benign whispers of summer.
It was the first day of the summer holidays. I was fifteen, away from home without my parents for the first time, staying with my aunt and cousins in their caravan.
I was looking forward to getting a tan and learning to windsurf.
But first there was ice cream to eat, and walks along the prom with my cousin Amy, giggling at the recycling bins lined up like so many aliens. And the prospect of six weeks of freedom ahead of us.

My story is set in the seaside , on the scene I see recycling bins spying on me. it was my third day on holiday with my friends …..

The recycling bins were lined up spying on me ,the sky’s were dark and gloomy the shadows of the clouds made everything look mysterious And everything was quiet …
As we walked around we got lost.. And ended up in the fair it was empty…. So we went on the rides thinking it was fun but…it wasn’t…we were all terrified… In the corner of my eye in could see the recycling bins peering from the corner of the road

By s.k year9

The compromise

Posted: May 14, 2013 by dukefrederick in 100 Word challenge, creative writing, general

One rainy day I decided to put on the radio full blast. My mum told me to turn it down. I said, “Why?” and she said, “Because I’m the mother and you’re the child.”
So I said, “yes, but Mum this music is awesome.”
So then my mum said, “ok,let’s compromise. Either you tern it down or I will.”
So in the end I gave in. I always thought that the music I was playing was powerful but not too powerful. But according to my mum the noise was deafening. So there you are I can’t even play music.

By dotdotdot … Yr 9

100 word challenge

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Here is this week’s 100 word challenge…

and here is my story. Please comment! (more…)

New 100 Word Challenge!

Posted: February 25, 2013 by dukefrederick in 100 Word challenge, creative writing, Flash fiction

Here’s the latest 100 word challenge from Julia.
Using this prompt …the car stopped suddenly…, write a story using no more than 100 words, and post it in the comments box below.

If you want to see examples of other 100 word challenges, look here and here.

Out of the Blue

Posted: February 11, 2013 by dukefrederick in 100 Word challenge, creative writing, Flash fiction
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Out of the blue and into the red. They said it would be better here- this department, this uniform, this colour. Personally I preferred the blue but a promotion is nice. In the blue department we controlled the skies and water. I’ve had to leave all my friends behind. (more…)