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Same Thing Over Again.

Posted: September 29, 2013 by yodadore in general
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Here is my dialogue for the challenge. Criticism and other comments are welcome.



Hundred Word Challenges

Posted: May 30, 2012 by INC in Flash fiction
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We have two hundred word challenges this week.
The first is set by Julia over on
It’s an unusual challenge this week, and one that should get you thinking.

The second challenge is based on some words that one of our pupils has been sent by his home school.
They are would, thought, laughed, another, where Your story should include all the words, and your word limit is 105.

Post your stories in a comment box for this post.

Get writing!

Your story this week should start with this sentence:

‘Where did you come from?’ he asked.

This week’s challenge has been set by ROH. He opened a book at random and this was the last sentence at the bottom of the right hand page.

The usual rules apply.