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IT was a family affair

Posted: September 27, 2010 by ROH in news, Pupil, ROH, Schoolwork
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David Miliband refused to comment after losing to his younger brother.
The shadow foreign secretary said “this is not a conference about me, it’s a conference about Ed’s leadership of the party, “he told sky news when he was asked why it was taking so long for him to say whether he would serve in the shadow cabinet, he replied “I arrived here on Saturday planning a slightly different week”
David Miliband was the favourite to win at the start of the campaign was beaten by Ed in May at 1.3% of the vote.
Labour MP voted on who would be elected and what precision they would take at least 46 Mp’s confirmed id that they would stand
It went from 46 MP’s tow a tow manned race and ended with tow brothers fighting for the same position but only one could get the place David was the favoured brother to win but Ed won the tow brothers seam to be happy for one and other but only time will tell weather this will persist



Posted: May 7, 2010 by orlandoayli in general
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Lib Dems seats 54 change-5 and vote%22.9

labour seats 254 change -88 vote%29.2

conservtive seats 299 change *94 votes% 36.2

Nick Clegg is unhappy that he did not get what he wanted but the tryed his best but he said at lest he got where he got .

also gordon brown is trying to keep all his options open and appers prime ministerial. He wants to try and win .

nick  is also happy that this is one of there highes votes this year.

  • But dont forget it is still going  higher every seconed.

by jessica c