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The pupils in the Secondary Classroom worked with the Fire Poet, Philip Wells, looking at sonnets and composing one together. Here it is:

Ocean Rose
The ocean light is a blue rose opening
My morning eyes to the glare of the sun
I listen to the whisper of the ocean noises ring
And I wish for the dolphin’s leaping fin.

Here in the sleep I am with them –
On my lids, in the quiet anything can happen
My sleeping hands could move and turn to wings
Of doves or fish that dart and swim

Into the unendable darkness and return
With scales shimmering in silvers
To the ocean light of the burning sun
Rising to the centre though the ether
My heart is filled with white love,
The magic pollen of the pure ocean rose.



William Shakespeare

Shakespeare was born on 23rd April 1564 in Stratford – upon – Avon and died 1616 aged 52. He was regarded as the world’s famous writer. His mother Mary Arden was a farmer’s daughter and his dad John Shakespeare was a farmer turned Glover maker and mayor of Stratford. He had 7 siblings Joan born in the year 1558 – 1559, Margret born 1562 – 1563, Gilbert born 1566 – 1612, Joan born 1569 – 1646, Anne born 1571 – 1579, Richard born 1574 – 1613 and Edmund born 1580 – 1607. In 1582 Shakespeare turned 18 were he then married Anne Hathaway which she was eight years older then him. The first child Susannah was born in the following year and twin’s hamnet and Judith followed in 1585. Hamnet died aged 11.

 Due to William Shakespeare first two siblings dying at one year William became the oldest and the first to attend local grammar school where he would of learnt Latin and Greek.

In 1592 William Shakespeare in his early twenties was earning money as an actor and playwright in London. His wife and kids stayed in Stratford. He soon became a leading member of a theatrical company called the lord’s chamberlain’s men. with whom he remained for the rest of his life .

Between 1599 and 1613 their main base was the globe theatre and in 1609 they also required the Blackfriars theatre.

Shakespeare most famous plays were the four great tragedies, Hamlet , Macbeth , Othello and king Lear. He also wrote popular comedies.

Written and laid out by Tammie  yr 10  and ROH yr 11