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Posted: July 15, 2010 by orlandoayli in Countries, general, KO, Pupil
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This summer I’m going to Nigeria for the first time. I’m really excited, because I am going to see my grandmother, brother and sister for the very first time. Although I’ve never visited Nigeria before, I already know that Nigeria is in Africa and there are lots of gorgeous foods like Jolof Rice, Fried Rice, Amala, Eguse Soup, and many more delicious foods. Why don’t you stop by a Nigeria restaurant and have a little taste?  I also know that it takes six hours on a plane to get to Nigeria.

Nigeria is in North West Africa. Nigeria is the fourth largest country in Africa, with a population of 139,823,000 and an area of 923,770 sq km .The capital city is Abuja, Lagos and Ibadan are also major cities. In Nigeria there is more than one language spoken, these include Ebo, Yoruba, and Gutter English.

In Lagos in July it often rains and is approximately 26 degrees, and in Ibadan it also rains in July. The city I will be visiting is Lagos, fingers crossed it won’t be raining when I visit!