New 100 Word Challenge

Posted: July 18, 2013 by INC in 100 Word challenge, Flash fiction
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Julia has posted a picture for the current challenge.
Click here to see the prompt.

  1. INC says:

    “Are you sure that’s alright Granddad?” asked Hettie.
    “I’ll enjoy it, love. Time young Georgie and I had some fun together, isn’t it lad?”
    Georgie nodded, gripping his great-grandfather’s hand as his mother waved goodbye.
    The sun beat down on the patio.
    “I’m hungry,” he said.
    “Well, it’s hot enough out here for a trick we used in the desert. Want to try?”
    Georgie nodded again and watched as great-granddad scrubbed a paving slab and broke two eggs onto it. His eyes grew round as they bubbled and cooked.
    “Grub’s up!”
    They wiped their plates clean with bread rolls.

  2. HI says:

    My Granddad always says nothing beats a fried egg at summer. What’s the use of a frying pan when you can enjoy a tasty egg oozing with flavour? The rich and gooey texture melting in your mouth. I remember the good days were people thought outside the box. The yellow crispy sun was a frying pan which me and the soldiers used to fry our eggs. The scorching fire ball was our secret weapon. The cries, the moans and the taste of sweat tingled in our mouths from the blazing hot sun. How I remember the bright red faces shining.

    • INC says:

      Wonderful! A great new voice on the blog. It is good to see you here HI. I particularly enjoy the way you have got appeals to the different senses. This is a skilled piece of writing. I am looking forward to reading more by you.

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