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Christmas is Rudolph and his red nose
Christmas is dinner with white icing on top
Christmas is kisses under the mistletoe
Christmas is gifts sitting under the snow covered tree
Christmas is cinnamon scented candles colouring the air
Christmas is the fat man climbing down the chimney
Christmas is children waking as the lark sings
Christmas is a holly covered wreath on the front door
Christmas is the stockings hanging about the fireplace
Christmas is the carrot nose on the snowman’s face

Eight years ago,on the 7th of July 2005,when London was celebrating winning the Olympic bid for 2012, four bombs went off in the capital!

: Co-ordinated suicide attacks.
: Targeted civilians.
: Bombers used public transport during morning rush hour.
: Four Islamist home-grown terrorists.
: One bomb went off on a double-Decker bus in Tavistock Square.
: Three aboard London underground. One after another (in quick succession). (more…)

By Bobby-Jim Freddybon, Our Y7 Sports Correspondent

The Kent Festival Under 12s rugby tournament kicked off to an exciting start as Folkestone  beat Blackheath 5-4 to  as rugby clubs from Dover to Blackheath  battled for the prized Kent Festival Cup.

Both Folkestone  and Blackheath were hungry to game. The match kicked off with a tremendous catch from the fly half from Folkestone as he weaved in and out from the opposition. But then the full back from Blackheath dived at his legs taking him down like a tree falling in the the woods. The Folkestone James  inside centre picked up the ball and dived for the try line. He did his signature cartwheel . (more…)

My name is May and I’m fourteen years old. You would think that a girl my age would be obsessed with shopping and boys but not me, I’m obsessed with the Royal Family.
It wasn’t always like this. The moment when I knew I loved the Royals was at the Jubilee weekend. My family thought it was another one of those passing phases but I knew it was for life. My mum, knowing how much I loved the royals, bought me tickets to the Jubilee concert.
It was the best time ever. I laughed and smiled all day.

King or Queen for the Day

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Ok. It’s the Diamnobd Jubilee this weekend and we are all buntinged out to celebrate the fact that the Queen has been queen for sixty years.

What would you do if you were queen or king for the day? We asked our special visitor, Helen Sands, aka the Thames Troubador, and now we are asking you!

Easter Quiz

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1)In which season do animals in England have their young?
2) Which festival takes place before Easter when Christians decide to fast for 40 days?
3) What type of food is hidden in your garden by Easter Bunnies?
4) Why do we celebrate Easter?
5) Name two special days in Easter.
6) What special leaves was thrown at Jesus when he entered Jerusalem?
7) What is Easter in German?
8) What is Easter in Italian?

Compiled by John Doe
Answers will be revealed on the 23rd of April 2012

Around the world on Shrove Tuesday people take part in pancake races and competitions. Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent. An important time in the Christian calendar, Lent lasts for forty days and represents the time Jesus spent in the wilderness.
On Pancake Day there are competitions there are races, competitions to see who can cook the biggest pancake, the biggest pancake in the world weighed three tones and had over two million calories.
People eat simply during Lent they also use up the eggs and butter they won’t eat during Lent by making pancakes.

We have been learning about Charles Dickens and his life, books and family.
We also learned about Victorian times, and decided to make a stop motion animation about Dickens
Also we looked up on the internet about when Charles Dickens was alive. We learned he was married to Catherine Hogarth. Also, he had two jobs before he became an author.
Dickens was born 7th February 1812. This year, it is the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens’ birth. We decided to make the stop motion animation. First I created a story board about Charles Dickens and his life. It was fun.
We started to take photos of a doll we made of Charles Dickens. We created a background for the video in GIMP.
Written by Roo

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It has been 200 years since Charles dickens was born. Here he is ready to celebrate in front of the story of his life.

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