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About Masks Designs

Posted: May 13, 2010 by orlandoayli in general, globe theatre
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Hello Everyone

I hope  you are all well just to let you guys know i will be coming in on Thursday to see what your masks designs are so we will be starting making the masks on Friday the 21st. Below is a list of things that i would love you guys to do before the Friday session:

  • Have your designs ready for Thursday you should start your designs at home as i know you will  not be able to do them in your class room session so what would be helpful is to choose the text you want to work on and base your design on that piece of text. I guess you can concentrate on the feeling the text gives you a paticular image ie forest theme etc……..
  • if you do not want to draw your design than bring in something esle like images you like or magazine cuttings you must have everything done for the Thursday the 20th so i will look at them and discuss with you about your designs
  • Think of the colours you want your masks to be wright down on your designs how you want the mask to look like and what textures you want.
  • we are going to be making full face masks as Kate has told me from the globe, so please design something that is to cover the whole face also you can extend the masks in any was long ways, or side ways to change the shape. the masks do not have to be in a shape of your face if you are wanting them to be different shapes than you can. As we will be building ontop of the masks.
  • please have a look at my website if you want to look at images of masks my website is and you can look under the section of ‘noah the musical’ or the ‘puppet making workshops’ or just browse the whole site. To look at the images just leep on pressing the arrow on the picture to the right hand side.
  • if you want to collect any materials that you think would work with your masks than please do anything you can think of that can make your masks 3D like recycled materials, ie bottle tops, toilet rolls etccccc………….

OK Guys good luck with everything and if there are any questions than you can leave a comment here.

Take care and look forward to running the session with you next Friday I shall see you all next Thursday

Anna x



Posted: May 7, 2010 by orlandoayli in general


As You Like It

Why are we talking about disguise?

In the play Rosalind, Celia, Oliver and Touchstone get banished into the forest. Rosalind dresses up in to a boy because no one would find her and no one would ask her questions. Rosalind also changes her name to Ganymede.

In the forest it is much better than being in the court because it is much freeer and there are no rules at all.

Ideas we had for our installation for the the themes of disguise are: wigs, maskes, change of clothing, to become a man if you are a woman and vice versa and to dress up as a tourist. All of these disguises are used to blend in with your background.

What’s going to be on my mask?

There’s going to be trees, day on one side nite on the other, glitter on some of it.

By Jessica.C