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Video Tutorial: Publish Your First Blog Post

Posted: January 6, 2014 by celiaayli in general

Wondering how to put up your first post on this page? This may help you.

The Daily Post

We’ll be posting a short video tutorial here every Saturday during Zero to Hero, to help out you visual learners. Today, we’ll walk you through publishing a post.

If you’re following the Zero to Hero 30-day blogging challenge, you’ve now introduced yourself, customized your blog name, and shared what motivated you to start blogging. If you’re still not totally comfortable with drafting and publishing a post, or if you’re not doing the challenge and need to know the nuts and bolts of publishing, today’s tutorial is for you. Let’s publish a post!

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Through The Glass.

Posted: December 3, 2013 by yodadore in general
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Hello everyone. My task was to write a monologue of Miss Havisham and what she sees in the looking glass (as known as the mirror). I would really appreciate it if you would share your criticism and comments. 


My Thoughts

Posted: November 14, 2013 by dukefrederick in general
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When Tamsin said we were going to do some work about paintings at the National Gallery, I thought it was going to be boring. It turned out to be interesting and fun.
I got to know George better by thinking aloud about the paintings. Al asked a lot of good questions to make you think about paintings. She made it easy for us to say whatever came into our heads. (more…)

Same Thing Over Again.

Posted: September 29, 2013 by yodadore in general
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Here is my dialogue for the challenge. Criticism and other comments are welcome.


Guide Dogs for the Blind

Posted: September 27, 2013 by INC in general

The Mystery Man

Posted: September 19, 2013 by dukefrederick in BGB, creative writing, general
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“Oh! Don’t cut my throat, Sir” I pleaded in terror. My heart bleated like a builder hammering a nail in to a stubborn wall.

“You got 30 seconds, to explain what you are doing in my house” the old man demanded.
I had seen this old man before, many times intact. Though he lived in this white marble looking mansion, he begs outside my local café and I had donated a lot of money to him, a deed I will live to regret.

“Please Sir, I’m the girl who gives you money and usually buys you coffee I the winter. I didn’t come to cause trouble, please Sir, hear me out.” I exclaimed.
I had followed the old beggar home after giving him some money today. For weeks I could tell there was something odd about the old man but I decided that today was the day to find out what was so dodgy about him. After sparing him some “change”, which in retrospect was £1 I foraged from my money box, I hid behind the dump round the side of the café and waited for him to leave. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to wait near that rotten boot smelling place for very long because two minutes later, the beggar got up and waddled off and I -feeling like a secret agent- followed him two roads down to where I saw him open the door to an almost hidden house, then, as you can tell, he caught me peeping in through a side window.

“Oh” he replied “what do you want?” He rested the light reflecting knife on the table and a sigh of relief washed over me.

By BGB yr 11

Couldn’t think of a way to end, any suggestion?

More on Malala…

Posted: July 24, 2013 by lrac2 in general

Malala is someone to look up to. She is fighting for people who don’t have a voice for themselves. On her sixteenth birthday she stood up and gave a speech in New York, in front of the United Nations. She was shot in her head and face last October and she still had the courage to stand up in front of the United Nations. She started up a campaign for girls to have a right to an education.

By the Secondary Class

Summer Hols

Posted: July 24, 2013 by INC in general
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Have a great summer everyone. We’ll be back in September.


Posted: July 4, 2013 by celiaayli in general
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I think this school is a successful school because it has helped me improve in my group work because before I never used to participate in lessons as much but this lesson has helped me talk and participate in the group discussions and has helped me with my confidence.
My definition of a successful day at school is when you realise you’ve actually learnt something new that I thought I wasn’t capable of doing.

By S.K Year 9

Animal Poems

Posted: June 26, 2013 by pupilsinevelina in general

The Miraculous Eagle

Deepening brown eyes like a golden river

Brown eye catching hot tea

The eagle’s beak is as pointy as the top of the Eiffel tower

A sharp pointy knife

Feathers as furry as a poodle

Furry magnum ice-cream

The eagle soars and flies high like a kite

The eagle is a kite in the sky

Sharp vampire like talons

Long sharp talon claws