100 word challenge

Posted: March 4, 2013 by dukefrederick in 100 Word challenge, creative writing
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Here is this week’s 100 word challenge…

and here is my story. Please comment!


I was in the jungle. I saw some stairs. I wondered what it would lead to.
I went up the stairs and in the distance I saw a tall dinosaur and heard a lion roar.
After I was welcomed we saw a man with a gun. “Dinosaur, was it him that killed your son?”
“Yes”. The animals jumped on him.
Just then, help arrived with food. The killer tried to escape. The animals tried to kill him but the men stopped them and called the police.
The man was arrested. A baby dinosaur was born and they kept it safe.

by Mo-Mo year 7

  1. dukefrederick says:

    I love the bit when they gave the food out to the animals.
    The story was like 350 words so I edited it.

    • INC says:

      Well done MoMo. Your story has a dream like quality to it where the impossible and the absurd seem entirely normal.
      Do watch this page and join in with our writing challenges. It would be lovely to see you here again.

  2. aleunam says:

    Dear Mo-Mo, I hope you are still checking out the blog. I loved the ending with the baby dinosaur being born safely, despite all the excitement. Well done!

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