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Our summer podcast.

Posted: July 19, 2012 by yodadore in Pupil, radio
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Click here to listen to the pod cast. And enjoy!

4th Podcast


Just click here to listen.

Podcast trailer

Radio ECHO Spring Broadcast

Posted: March 29, 2012 by rosalindayli in fun, radio
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Welcome to our new podcast.

In this episode you’ll hear us talking about water.

Kyle will tell you about his pet piranha. There’s drama at the beach, and a wedding, a near drowning experience, fab facts about the Titanic. And much, much Kyle will tell you about his pet piranha. There’s drama at the beach, and a wedding, a near drowning experience, fab facts about the Titanic. And much, much more.


Tune in, enjoy, and feed back. 🙂

step out loud-04 step out loud-03 step out loud-02 step out loud-01

We are preparing to enter a film competition. 90 second film in one take, only two charactures and shot in Southwark. We made a start this morning. These drafts are all under 60 secs, have a listen and vote for the one you think we should develop.

Listen to the Radio Show Now

Here is the final mix of our latest radio drama set on an aeroplane. Written by our pupils and recorded with special guest Jen, classroom staff and pupils at the end of summer term 2011. It is 10mins – have a listen and please tell us what you think!



In this programme –

Politics phone in, the truth about smoking, Kilimanjaro interview and much much more!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, it’s finally arrived; our first podcast from Radio ECHO – Evelina Hospital Online. Woohoo!!!!!

We have lots of people to thank – Amy and Becky from BBC 21CC who have been great fun and fitted in with the secondary team straight away; all the pupils who have contributed their ideas and work; Bernie for all his technical knowhow and enthusiasm; Ryan and Hollie our anchor people; Blaise, the One Take Wonder; Jess and Evie for their wonderful picture of a donkey and the ECHO logo; Liam for his acting and for being a good sport; Ewan and Fetih for sound effects and jingles; Lucy for the donkey joke that got us all started; Catherine for liaising with BBC21CC; Isobel our classroom teacher who had the crazy idea we should make a radio show in the first place, and everyone else who knows us! Please listen to the programme and give us your feedback – what did you like, what would you like more of, would you listen again?

We’re all Alan Partridge now. Amy and Becky from BBC 21CC joined us for a fabulous session in the secondary classroom this morning. (more…)

The nice people at Radiowaves have recommended these two stations for us to listen to and take inspiration from. This is what they said,

“Catmose college and Inverkeithing High School are both fantastic Radiowaves secondaries so do take a look around their stations.”

I just listened to An interview with KitKat99 on Catmose College’s station. I liked  the slick music and presentation, but I thought the content was a bit weak. I think we have already done better recordings than this! Sorry Catmose.  I’m going to listen to another one now.
Do your bit, listen and leave a note in the comments box, saying which station you’ve listened to, the name of the piece and what you liked/disliked about it, plus any other constructive comments for our
radio station.