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A trip to the Globe ROH’s side

Posted: October 5, 2010 by ROH in Globe, globe theatre, Pupil, ROH
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HBL and ROH stood on Blackfriars bridge shouting abuse at each other oblivious of the people crossing the road to ovoid them. “Where’s the bridge gone”? ROH shouted at HBL “You’ve got us lost, “she barked back.                                         

To think that they were going to the Globe Youth Theatre to get acting lessons they had put on quite a performance.

They had left the hospital just an hour before. HBL wanting anything but to go, and ROH only going because he had been threatened by his mother. She had threatened that she would cut him off from his credit card. ROH refused to do anything remotely active and insisted that they both take a cab. But HBL had insisted that they walk, saying that it was only a short walk.

After about an hour of walking and numerous arguments they arrived at the Globe with sour faces and tired bodies. Luckily there was a Starbucks outside and they were able to refuel.  They walked into the Globe to find a bunch of 25 year old students. So frantically they both ran out Starbucks in hand. After mustering up the courage, they walked back in to find that the students were just tourists. 

By the time they got back KJ (the head of the youth theatre) had arrived and was waiting for them. She asked questions like how they were and was there any change at the hospital. They told her that they were both fine and that there was no change at the hospital. She then left to talk to other staff. So HBL and ROH were left sitting their own making each other more nervous.

When it was finally time to go in they were so nervous that they were both shaking.  They sat down together like conjoined twins. They both were determined not to look like they were having too much fun. Both HBL and ROH were starting to relax until the group leaders said the worst thing they could. They said that mobile phones are banned. So as fast as they could I phone’s and Blackberry’s went under their clothingAfter countless name games and ROH still not remembering any one’s name they finally gave up. And were taken on a tour of the Globe and they were told that they would be singing on the stage. ROH and HBL looked  at each other in pure shock.

When they got back to the classroom they were asked to act out how they got to the Globe. They both burst out in laughter so loud that everyone looks at them. So they did exactly what they hade been asked to do they start shouting at each other.

After watching everyone left go home. The homework was to bring back a song that best described togetherness.


ROH’s soundfile

Posted: May 19, 2010 by INC in Globe
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This soundfile represents the Court in As You Like It.

The surface is civilised, which is where ROH has chosen the music, the woman singing, but underneath this civilised, cultured facade the court is a frightening, violent and repressive place.

Celia Character Profile

Posted: May 14, 2010 by orlandoayli in general
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Celia is very affectionate; she places her love for Rosalind above everything else. She is very devoted to Rosalind and would do anything for her. They have grown up together and have spent most of their time with each other which means they have quite a strong bond. She is less ebullient than Rosalind, quieter and more detached, but she is quite capable of teasing her. She can be very witty but is quite shy and does things in her own way. She sometimes undermines Rosalind as when she playfully suggests that Orlando is not in love. Celia can seem very shy and a sort of push over but she should not be under estimated as she can be very witty and undermining.

By James P

Celia and Rosalind