Through The Glass.

Posted: December 3, 2013 by yodadore in general
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Hello everyone. My task was to write a monologue of Miss Havisham and what she sees in the looking glass (as known as the mirror). I would really appreciate it if you would share your criticism and comments. 

Right before my eyes is a breathing corpse. The skeleton I see has white hair, tangled like an old bird’s nest. It also has hanging wisps around the face, spiralling like decrepit vines. Dishevelled; rough; brittle.

Curious, I glide my delicate fingers across the glass that separates us, I can see she’s doing the same thing, but her hands are not like mine. They are ragged and jagged; repulsive to look at, with nails long and broken; witch’s claws.

So I gaze into those eyes that scream out, the only alive thing on her dead face. They are truly beautiful, large like a doe’s, but cold; grey stones. Their beauty burnt out by wintery sadness.

From those ashes, I observe the wrinkles on her malnourished face, barely alive. Bones stick out of her pallid parchment skin, death-like, making me recoil in horror. She is a neglected waxen shell.

I examine the gown she is wearing; it seems as if it was once white but now turned yellow. Sequins falling off; laces undone and the silk, dull. It reminds me of a bride stuck in time; maybe that what she was: A bride…

  1. taz14 says:

    I like the way you suggest that she does not quite think that the image she sees in the mirror and her are one and the same ‘I can see she’s doing the same thing but her hands are not like mine..’ You have made me wonder whether she finds her own image just too repulsive and tragic to believe. I like the way you hint quite strongly at the end that she was a bride. This adds to my impression of tragedy. A very atmospheric piece. Well done.

  2. Inned says:

    I do like the way that you have wrote this piece, it has great sentence structure that gives it a brilliant sense of urgency. One thing that I would say id that it is well written but it seems to lack something. I think that if you delve deeper into what she is thinking and what she is seeing it would give even more to a brilliant piece I think that you have a chance to really draw the reader into her life and make them feel for her. In the book she is made to be the vilan but you have made her out to be a victim, well done you. P.s. I think that you have missed out a few words here and there.

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