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We are preparing to enter a film competition. 90 second film in one take, only two charactures and shot in Southwark. We made a start this morning. These drafts are all under 60 secs, have a listen and vote for the one you think we should develop.


This blog started as a bit of an experiment.

It’s reached the time when we need to review it. We need to ask ourselves and others lots of questions. If you follow our blog, and we know that people do who often don’t comment, we want your opinions. We want to know what posts and topics you have enjoyed, what things have made you come back.

  • what has been good?
  • what would we like to keep?
  • what might we do differently?
  • what would we like to change? (more…)

What is it like…

Posted: February 24, 2010 by INC in biography, Parent Feedback
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The Atrium in the Evelina Hospital School

What is it like to be a pupil or parent in the school?