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Christmas is Rudolph and his red nose
Christmas is dinner with white icing on top
Christmas is kisses under the mistletoe
Christmas is gifts sitting under the snow covered tree
Christmas is cinnamon scented candles colouring the air
Christmas is the fat man climbing down the chimney
Christmas is children waking as the lark sings
Christmas is a holly covered wreath on the front door
Christmas is the stockings hanging about the fireplace
Christmas is the carrot nose on the snowman’s face


In My Ghost Box

Posted: November 22, 2013 by dukefrederick in creative writing, poetry
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In my ghostbox shall put the chill of an empty room,
The hissing of a human snake
And a spider lost in my heart.

In my ghostbox I shall put a book of spells, in a locked cupboard
The story of a spinning globe
And the choking dust from a bomb blast. (more…)

The Boggeo

Posted: January 31, 2013 by dukefrederick in creative writing, poetry, Pupil
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The Boggeo
The boggeo is big fat and orange.
The boggeo loves Miroslawa.
The boggeo is spikey.
The boggeo has seven legs.
The boggeo is old, like an old man.
The boggeo has one big green eye.
The boggeo wears glasses.
The boggeo wears a small blue hat.
The boggeo smells of goobies.
The boggeo eats lots of chocolate.
The boggeo dances a lot.


Tatty’s ” Flying Horse”

Posted: March 29, 2012 by orlandoayli in poetry, Pupil
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Flying Horse

I’ve seen a horse, a horse that can fly.
A dazzling horse, she flies in the sky.

Wings spread wide, a horse you can’t ride. (more…)

Spring is finally here!

Posted: March 21, 2012 by orlandoayli in general
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Today we have been learning about acrostic poems. We began the lesson by brainstorming words we could think of associated with Spring. Some examples are daffodils and Easter. We then used these words for inspiration to create our very own acrostic poem. Take a look at our work below and see if you can reply to this post with your ideas. Good luck!!!

Sowing seeds in the sunlit garden
Primroses bursting towards the sky
Rainy days of April showers
Inspiring landscapes of snowy blossoms
New life emerging all around
Gathering for Easter celebrations

St George and the Dragon

Posted: April 23, 2010 by orlandoayli in festivals and remembrance, fun, general, poetry
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St George and the Dragon

St George looked at the dragon

And much to his surprise

He noticed that the dragon

Had large appealing eyes.

‘Pardon me.’ said brave St George,

‘I hear you’re cruel and sly.’

‘Oh no not me,’ the dragon said,

‘I wouldn’t hurt a fly.’

‘I’ve come to slay you,’ said St George,

‘And save the maiden fair

That you have captured, and no doubt

Imprisoned in your lair.’

‘I used to be both cruel and sly,

Of that there is no doubt,’

Replied the dragon, but not now,

My fire has all burnt out.

The maiden you have come to save

Has made a pet of me.

She takes me walkies on a lead

And feeds me cups of tea.

So if you want to do brave deeds

The like the which I’ve read,

Please take the maiden home with you,

And so dave me instead.’

by Finloa Aleister chosen by JC yr 8

New Acrostic Poem by R year 7

Posted: April 1, 2010 by INC in general, poetry
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R wrote this acrostic about  being an in-patient in the hospital. She was in the classroom for part of a session.


Every time I enter hospital I get chills.

Lying in my bed I go to sleep.

Eating my dinner I say, ‘Yum, yum’.

People forcing me to go to school.

Having spare time I get to watch T.V.

Always lying in  my bed I feel so free.

Nurses giving me my medicine to make me better.

Thinking I’m going home dream that day forever.

patashair by Ryan

Posted: March 29, 2010 by orlandoayli in fun, general, poetry


                                                            Pish , Posh , Pear,

                                                           I Dont Care  , Like A Flair ,

                                                           It Tears , Why Doesn’t It Share?