About Us

The Crew (Who are we)

BMX – Techie, Guru and all round Genius. He’s the man to go to when things go wrong.

MCM – The rollerblading, Salsa dancing and healthiest member of the team. She always brings a touch of Polish glamour.

HBL – The force to be reckoned with. She is the girl with more Jewellery than Claire’s.

ROH – The judgemental one, if it isn’t from Harrods it’s not worth talking about. He is the king of radio ad-lib.

Orlandoayli – Some times here for a while, and then sometimes there just on a flying visit. But none the less as important as everyone else. This alias is used by many.  

 INC – She is the Captain of the Good Ship Evelina. And the end and beginning of most things we do.


Looking behind the Mirror (What do we do)

Well where do we begin? We do it all from news to world domination (well almost). If it’s worth talking about, we probably are. From flash fiction to photos of planes, and of course, videos of a pretty famous cat.

This is the secondary classroom blog from the Evelina Hospital school. We upload interesting and topical posts as often as we possibly can.

We enjoy working on the blog. Don’t take my word for it; here are some things that we have said and others said about us.

“Where it all happens a small classroom that’s big on ideas and talent, and let’s not not forgets Maths Bingo”

“The classroom might be small but a lovely place to learn!”

“The Classroom has a fun and loving environment. Everyone is nice and helps with your least favourite subjects to help you enjoy them!”

“Bright and airy, different age groups, different people, different illnesses all together as one”  

“Our class is perfect place to learn. So if you want to learn something just come down and enjoy.  Learning is good”

“A place to forget about nurses and doctors, A place to meet other hospital patients, A place to  challenge and be challenged, A place to Laugh and expand the brain”

  1. It’s nice to meet you, guys! very interesting blog. 🙂

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