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Spring is finally here!

Posted: March 21, 2012 by orlandoayli in general
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Today we have been learning about acrostic poems. We began the lesson by brainstorming words we could think of associated with Spring. Some examples are daffodils and Easter. We then used these words for inspiration to create our very own acrostic poem. Take a look at our work below and see if you can reply to this post with your ideas. Good luck!!!

Sowing seeds in the sunlit garden
Primroses bursting towards the sky
Rainy days of April showers
Inspiring landscapes of snowy blossoms
New life emerging all around
Gathering for Easter celebrations


Joanne was in the classroom for just under an hour. She wrote a first draft of her acrostic about Easter and then was called back to the ward. So, Joanne, if you want to make any changes, please put them in a comment and let us know!








New Acrostic Poem by R year 7

Posted: April 1, 2010 by INC in general, poetry
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R wrote this acrostic about  being an in-patient in the hospital. She was in the classroom for part of a session.


Every time I enter hospital I get chills.

Lying in my bed I go to sleep.

Eating my dinner I say, ‘Yum, yum’.

People forcing me to go to school.

Having spare time I get to watch T.V.

Always lying in  my bed I feel so free.

Nurses giving me my medicine to make me better.

Thinking I’m going home dream that day forever.