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Your advice is needed!

Posted: July 12, 2012 by yodadore in Flash fiction, Pupil
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I am in need, and I will be glad if you can help me. I am 14 years old and I love writing stories.

I’m writing a story but there is one problem. I don’t know how to set it.

I wrote many versions of this story but I just don’t know which one is the best version. Will you tell me which one you like the best and tell me what you like about it in the comment section below?

Version 1:

He charged at her, choking her against the oak tree, “What did you do?!” he yelled at Rebekah, making her shake with fear.

“I spent a thousand years running brother!” she cried, “And now Niklaus is gone. I can’t do it without him…” his baby sister broke down, sobbing her heart out. Elijah softened and tears formed in his dark brown eyes, he couldn’t take it, seeing his only sister in pain. He let her go and threw his arms around her body; his left arm cradling her head and his other arm wrapping her waist.

Version 2:
“Rebekah!” I yelled, slamming my younger sister against an oak tree. Fury was building inside of me.
How can she do such thing? Hurting an innocent for her own needs.“You had no right killing her, she did nothing!”
“I don’t want to run anymore Elijah, I’ve spent all my life running!” Rebekah spat, tears forming in her sea blue eyes.
“You were only going to run for a mortals life time Rebekah. That is nothing when you lived for a thousand years.” I stated, anger filling my tone.
The look on Rebekah’s face had no hint of shame shown at all. She had no regret in taking away the life of the girl who gave sacrificed everything for her family’s safety.


Any takers?
This is a weekly challenge for those who are over 16 and enjoy challenging themselves with writing. Each week you are given a prompt. It may be a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture. You have 100 words (or the number that have been set for that week) to write a creative piece. One of the great things about the 100WCGU is how people visit other blogs and read the entries. It is all about supporting our writing and giving constructive feedback and support. For some, it is the start of longer pieces of writing, even novels!!

This weeks prompt is: It wasn’t my fault

The challenge is just the same this week as for the sixteen-year-olds and younger: it wasn’t my fault. you have these four words in addition to the hundred specified. The deadline is Tuesday. Put your entries in the comments box, and I’ll link this post to Julia’s page.

If no one has entered by Tuesday evening, I shall take down this post. To find out more go to Julia’s page

Alternative endings…

Posted: February 8, 2012 by celiaayli in general
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As part of the story project here at Evelina, we wrote a story as a group today. We used some story cubes as prompts and we had to work together to create a story. It is difficult writing a story as a group as you have to listen to each other’s ideas and try and say yes to them as much as possible. After a bit of arguing over aliens and yetis and spacemen we eventually came up with this story.

But… we left the ending open for people to write their own conclusions. Have a read of the story and some of the alternative endings. Which do you like? and why? and then have a go and write your own ending!!

Once there was a robot called Sparky. He lived on the planet Jupiter. There had been lots of battles on Jupiter between the robots and the aliens from Mars and now only the robots were left.

Ring, ring! Ring, ring! Suddenly Sparky’s phone rang. He picked it up and it was his friend the Genius Scientist Baby (or GSB for short) who had built sparky fifty years ago.

“We have a problem! I have been kidnapped by some spacemen!”

“Okay – Don’t worry! I’m coming straight away and I’m bringing my mates. Tell me where you are.” said Sparky.

The Scientist said “I think I overheard them say they were taking me to a haunted house.”

Sparky and his robot friends rode their hover-motorbikes to the rocket station and took a rocket straight to Pluto where the scientist lived. When they arrived they used their ghost-o-meter to pinpoint the haunted house. Luckily they had brought their robotmobile and their ray guns. They sped off to the haunted house.

When they got near they turned off their engines so no-one would hear them. They sneakily walked up to the house but as they reached the front door they fell through a trap door into the basement. In the corner of the basement, tied to a chair with red handkerchiefs was the Genius Scientist Baby and behind them were three spacemen ready to knock them out.

Before the spacemen could strike, Sparky knocked them all out with his turbo powered arm and the robots were safe. On the floor they found some chains and they tied the spacemen up. They tried to free the GSB but they couldn’t as he was locked to the chair. They searched the basement for a key and finally found it in the hand of the king spaceman.

The robots unlocked the GSB and decided to take him and the spacemen back to Jupiter.

When they returned to Jupiter………

Your story this week should start with this sentence:

‘Where did you come from?’ he asked.

This week’s challenge has been set by ROH. He opened a book at random and this was the last sentence at the bottom of the right hand page.

The usual rules apply.

Flash Fiction Comes Early

Posted: April 27, 2011 by INC in Flash fiction

As we shall not be at school on Friday, we are setting this week’s flash fiction early.

If you haven’t joined in before, search some of the previous flash fiction posts to see how it works.

The three words you need to include this week are:

wedding, gutter, dry-ice.

Get writing!