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Weihnachten ist Rudolph und seine rote Nase
Weihnachten ist das Abendessen mit Weissen Zuckerguss auf
Weihnachten ist das Küssen unter dem Mistelzweig
Weihnachten ist Geschenke sitzt unter dem schnee bedeckten Baum
Weihnachten ist zimt duftenden Färbung der Luft
Weihnachten ist das Fett Mann Klettern durch der Schornstein
Weihnachten ist wachen Kinder wie die Lerche singt
Weihnachten ist eine Stechpalme bedeckt Kranz an der Hastür
Weihnachten ist die Strümpfe Über dem kamin hängen
Weihnachten ist die Karottennase im Gesicht des Schneemanns


Remember what an acrostic is?
Remind yourself with this page.

Following the guidelines, write an acrostic poem using the word October.

Or maybe you can write a seven sentence story set in October where each entence begins with the letters that make up October. (more…)

Monster Poem

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 We have been learning about simile poems

 There’s a monster in my bedroom, mum, I’ll tell you what it’s like,

Its head is like a grinning shark

Its body is like a rotten corpse Its claws are like jagged rocks

 Its teeth are like blunt razor blades

 I know you don’t believe me, mum, But hurry up, it’s getting closer, It’s…….aaarrrggghhh!

Practice run

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Snow flakes by ROH1294312306

SJB snow poem


And here is B’s effort: City by John Betjeman

Hbl’s Autumn colours poem.

Posted: September 30, 2010 by rosalindayli in general, HBL, poetry, Pupil
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    Autumn Colours

Autumn comes in many colours:

Grey as the squirrels in the park

And the early morning mist.

Red as my Man United football shirt

And the sky in the morning.

Yellow as melted butter on corn on the cob

And the sunflower fields.

Green as the frogs on the lily pads, in the swamp

And as a juicy green apples.

Blue as a rough sea in a storm

And Blue is my name.

Brown as a football kit after a muddy match

And as a oak tree

Black as my moods in the morning

And the nights sky.

ROH’s Autumn Colours

Posted: September 28, 2010 by ROH in poetry, Pupil, ROH
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Autumn comes in many colours Grey as the squirrels in the park

and the early morning mist


Red as the sky in the morning

And the embers jumping from the fire


Yellow as the proud sunflower weeping at the ground

And corn on the cob bursting from it’s leaves


Green as the frogs on lily pads

And the grass swaying in the wind


Blue as the foggy mist falling from the sky

And as the wild berries bursting with juice


Brown as the old tree at the bottom of the forest

As the mud on the ground


Black as the sky in the morning

And as my favourite jacket

Crayzatee by jessica

Posted: March 29, 2010 by orlandoayli in fun, general, poetry

My gakey is poetry like a

bomb going bing bing bow

my gakey is crayzatee like

my mum going WO WO WO

my gakey is funny even wken

i say hellow.

my gakey makes me go a

wee just like when water


my gakey is very dizzy only

because of the crcle going

round and being found