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Weihnachten ist Rudolph und seine rote Nase
Weihnachten ist das Abendessen mit Weissen Zuckerguss auf
Weihnachten ist das Küssen unter dem Mistelzweig
Weihnachten ist Geschenke sitzt unter dem schnee bedeckten Baum
Weihnachten ist zimt duftenden Färbung der Luft
Weihnachten ist das Fett Mann Klettern durch der Schornstein
Weihnachten ist wachen Kinder wie die Lerche singt
Weihnachten ist eine Stechpalme bedeckt Kranz an der Hastür
Weihnachten ist die Strümpfe Über dem kamin hängen
Weihnachten ist die Karottennase im Gesicht des Schneemanns


Christmas is Rudolph and his red nose
Christmas is dinner with white icing on top
Christmas is kisses under the mistletoe
Christmas is gifts sitting under the snow covered tree
Christmas is cinnamon scented candles colouring the air
Christmas is the fat man climbing down the chimney
Christmas is children waking as the lark sings
Christmas is a holly covered wreath on the front door
Christmas is the stockings hanging about the fireplace
Christmas is the carrot nose on the snowman’s face

Novemberpogrome 1938

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In der Nacht vom 9. Und 10. November eine Reihe von Angriffen gegen Juden wurden in Deutschland und Österreicht gebracht. Tausende von synagogen und Jüdishe Geschäfte und  Hause waren Beschädigt  oder zerstört. Deutsch Behörden sah aber nicht unterbrechen. Mindestens 91 Juden waren getötet und 30,000 verhaftet. Sie waren konzentrationslager gesendet.



Bonjour L’Automne

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Bonjour l’automne
Au revoir l’été

Bonjour les jours frais
Au revoir le soleil

Bonjour le collège
Au revoir les vacances (more…)

The Mystery Man

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“Oh! Don’t cut my throat, Sir” I pleaded in terror. My heart bleated like a builder hammering a nail in to a stubborn wall.

“You got 30 seconds, to explain what you are doing in my house” the old man demanded.
I had seen this old man before, many times intact. Though he lived in this white marble looking mansion, he begs outside my local café and I had donated a lot of money to him, a deed I will live to regret.

“Please Sir, I’m the girl who gives you money and usually buys you coffee I the winter. I didn’t come to cause trouble, please Sir, hear me out.” I exclaimed.
I had followed the old beggar home after giving him some money today. For weeks I could tell there was something odd about the old man but I decided that today was the day to find out what was so dodgy about him. After sparing him some “change”, which in retrospect was £1 I foraged from my money box, I hid behind the dump round the side of the café and waited for him to leave. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to wait near that rotten boot smelling place for very long because two minutes later, the beggar got up and waddled off and I -feeling like a secret agent- followed him two roads down to where I saw him open the door to an almost hidden house, then, as you can tell, he caught me peeping in through a side window.

“Oh” he replied “what do you want?” He rested the light reflecting knife on the table and a sigh of relief washed over me.

By BGB yr 11

Couldn’t think of a way to end, any suggestion?

The Boggeo

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The Boggeo
The boggeo is big fat and orange.
The boggeo loves Miroslawa.
The boggeo is spikey.
The boggeo has seven legs.
The boggeo is old, like an old man.
The boggeo has one big green eye.
The boggeo wears glasses.
The boggeo wears a small blue hat.
The boggeo smells of goobies.
The boggeo eats lots of chocolate.
The boggeo dances a lot.


The Sea

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Because it’s a chameleon, constantly changing colour, different shades of sapphire that contain beauty within.

Because it’s as steamy as a warm bath, soothing against my skin.

Because it’s a sunny day, boiling down calmly on its subjects below.

Because it’s a window, clear as ice; the silk-like material gives us a view of the attractiveness of the appealing world beneath us.

Because it’s a pearl, glimmering with hope, untainted as yet by the extended grasp of humanity.

By TAA Year 9

Writing the Poem

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My beautiful picture

The lesson was about water. We were writing a group poem.

First we chose pictures of water from a magazine. Then we cut them out. Everyone said something they liked about the pictures. I said, “Because it’s bright”. Then I made it into a simile. “Because it’s bright like a sunny day.”

Next we shared our phrases and put them together to make a poem.

Then we said it aloud, trying different orders.

Finally I made a poster of my poem.

It was fantastic and it was a great idea to do it as a group because then we can explain what we’re doing to each other. I found this easier than doing it on my own. My favourite line is “Because it’s a pearl”.

NC Year 8

This is my version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, from Friar Lawrence’s point of view.   (more…)


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We’re going to help set up a blog for Jen and she will be coming in the classroom tomorrow. Jen is known to us as our storyteller and has commissioned us to help her. Here is the brief that Jen sent us…