Posted: July 5, 2013 by celiaayli in 100 Word challenge, Flash fiction

My story is set in the seaside , on the scene I see recycling bins spying on me. it was my third day on holiday with my friends …..

The recycling bins were lined up spying on me ,the sky’s were dark and gloomy the shadows of the clouds made everything look mysterious And everything was quiet …
As we walked around we got lost.. And ended up in the fair it was empty…. So we went on the rides thinking it was fun but…it wasn’t…we were all terrified… In the corner of my eye in could see the recycling bins peering from the corner of the road

By s.k year9

  1. aleunam says:

    S.K.Yr9 – you have really tried to put yourself into the scene set by the 100 word challenge. I am glad to see you are enjoying the classroom.

  2. INC says:

    SK I am really impressed. You wrote this very quickly and easily ( or so it seemed to me) and it has something. Although the chalenge was to write something very short, I would love to see you develop this. My favourite lie, which is a brilliant attention grabbing one, is “the recycling bins were lined up spying on me” I think you have a gift for description. Well done!

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