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The Mystery Man

Posted: September 19, 2013 by dukefrederick in BGB, creative writing, general
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“Oh! Don’t cut my throat, Sir” I pleaded in terror. My heart bleated like a builder hammering a nail in to a stubborn wall.

“You got 30 seconds, to explain what you are doing in my house” the old man demanded.
I had seen this old man before, many times intact. Though he lived in this white marble looking mansion, he begs outside my local café and I had donated a lot of money to him, a deed I will live to regret.

“Please Sir, I’m the girl who gives you money and usually buys you coffee I the winter. I didn’t come to cause trouble, please Sir, hear me out.” I exclaimed.
I had followed the old beggar home after giving him some money today. For weeks I could tell there was something odd about the old man but I decided that today was the day to find out what was so dodgy about him. After sparing him some “change”, which in retrospect was £1 I foraged from my money box, I hid behind the dump round the side of the café and waited for him to leave. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to wait near that rotten boot smelling place for very long because two minutes later, the beggar got up and waddled off and I -feeling like a secret agent- followed him two roads down to where I saw him open the door to an almost hidden house, then, as you can tell, he caught me peeping in through a side window.

“Oh” he replied “what do you want?” He rested the light reflecting knife on the table and a sigh of relief washed over me.

By BGB yr 11

Couldn’t think of a way to end, any suggestion?


 Bonjour le printemps

 Au revoir l’hiver

 Bonjour les fleurs

Au revoir la neige

Bonjour le soleil

Au revoir les nuages

Bonjour les feuilles

Au revoir les arbres nus

Bonjour les petits animaux

Au revoir l’hibernation

 Bonjour le tennis

Bonjour les pique- niques

 Au revoir les arbres de noël

Bonjour le Pâques

Au revoir le Noël

Bonjour les fruits

Au revoir le brouillard

Bonjour le printemps

Au revoir l’hiver


le vendredi 18 mars 2011


Operation Opossum

Posted: February 14, 2011 by celiaayli in BGB, general

When I first heard that I was going to write a blog, I thought ‘oh no, how am I going to do this’.  My teacher showed me a video on Brainpop explaining what a blog is. This made me feel a bit more confident knowing what I had to do.

When I began my first blog, I had to decide on what to write about. The theme was animals, and I had heard about an opossum with cross-eyes. 

I had to do some research by using the internet, encyclopaedia, other reference books and a KWL (Know, What to Find Out and Learnt) Frame.   After completing my research I then needed to know what I was going to start. This took some planning. At the end of my planning I knew which bits of information to include and what order I was going to do it in.

I took my completed work back to the Evelina Children’s Hospital School to get it edited.  My teacher explained to me the pieces that made sense and which pieces didn’t, also which bits were interesting, and she improved my punctuation.

Finally, I put my work on the Blog Page, added a Youtube link and recorded it.

This process was fun and educational and also inspired me to do more, even though it was not easy.



a KWL frame