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Novemberpogrome 1938

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In der Nacht vom 9. Und 10. November eine Reihe von Angriffen gegen Juden wurden in Deutschland und Österreicht gebracht. Tausende von synagogen und Jüdishe Geschäfte und  Hause waren Beschädigt  oder zerstört. Deutsch Behörden sah aber nicht unterbrechen. Mindestens 91 Juden waren getötet und 30,000 verhaftet. Sie waren konzentrationslager gesendet.




The Beach

Posted: September 19, 2013 by rosalindayli in creative writing, Schoolwork
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As i pick up the sand, the touch of the soft, silky and velvety sand quietly glides through my filtering hands. I can feel the cool texture in my warm hands. The sea edged like ice-cream mirrors the melting blue crystal sky. The mossy feeling of the groynes splinter my fingers.

This is my first draft i would really appreciate some feedback and i would like to know which sentence was stronger then the others. Thank you……
HI year 11

What makes a school successful?

Posted: July 4, 2013 by celiaayli in Schoolwork
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A successful school is somewhere children/students interact as a team, with each other and teachers. A successful school is also somewhere people treat each other with respect.
A successful school is when students motivate themselves like setting their own goals and trying different things like clubs etc.

My success:

Was being MY OWN motivation and having faith in myself!

Was helping others with their work if they was stuck so I would be pushing them and also making me feel good in myself!

What makes evelina school successful?

Evelina school is successful because they make things feel normal to you, and do things that you would usually do for example studying and working. You wouldn’t usually do these type of things in hospital. They also help me catch up on my education instead of me staying behind on my work.

By A.D Year 8.

A successful day for me at school would be when I have pushed myself to try something new. When I have helped other people with their work when they are struggling and I understand. When the teacher has incorporated more than one activity in the lesson and we got to work as a group. When I had my favourite lesson which is art, because it was a subject I was good at and could use my own creativity. I enjoyed school because it was a chance to spend time with my friends and see people who I wouldn’t normally see outside of school. A successful day at school would be when the teacher would explain work to me that i didn’t understand. Overall a successful day at school would be when I worked my hardest and achieved goals and had fun at the same time.

A successful school would be a school where pupils and teachers respect each other. A successful school would be where pupils work hard to achieve their targets and involve themselves in the class. It is also a school that rewards good behaviour and discourages bad behaviour. Successful schools should support their pupils and offer them after school activities. A successful school is a school where people don’t stereotype or discriminate and recognise the pupils as individuals with different abilities and styles of learning.

1st year Student Nurse

Tsunami and Earthquakes

Posted: March 21, 2013 by dukefrederick in general, Schoolwork

Earthquakes and tsunamis are the reaction of the earth plates grinding together until they begin to bend. Eventually,the plates would spring back upwards, causing major matter displacement. This causes the land or ocean above to move. An earthquake will cause tremors, while a seaquake will cause a ripple of water that will eventually build up as it nears shallow waters.

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goodbye from Pikachu!!!! o”o

Dear Bob,


I’m going to be honest with you bob its horrible here there’s rats there’s nits and I have lost most of my team to gas bombs!

Sorry I never thought it would be like this cold, damp, I have fungus all over me.

We are not even living in houses we are living underground like some sort of worm they also said if we ran then they will shoot us but to be honest  I’m not sure which one I want to do anymore it doesn’t make a difference if I kill myself were going to die anyway.

Well that’s all the dry paper I have I will try to find some more so I can send you more messages.

Yours sincerely,


Dear family,


Living in the trenches is awful. The people stink and my feet are swollen. I am really thank full that I am still alive and you are alright. I want to go home and see all of you. I really want to come home, but I am going to be here till the war ends. I got so many wounds on my body but I am still fighting.  I don’t know if I can survive the war. I am on the front line so I have the most chance to die in the war. People are dying right in front of my eyes. All my close friends are dying but that won’t stop me. I am a survivor and I won’t stop till I die.  People die every day in the trenches and on the battle field. I want to come home.  

Let us know what you think of our letters written to families back home from the soldiers in the trenches.

This is my version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, from Friar Lawrence’s point of view.   (more…)


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We’re going to help set up a blog for Jen and she will be coming in the classroom tomorrow. Jen is known to us as our storyteller and has commissioned us to help her. Here is the brief that Jen sent us…


My experience of 2012

Posted: September 10, 2012 by orlandoayli in creative writing, Schoolwork
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When I’m ninety, i will brag to the world about how I was alive during twenty twelve and how it felt to be there,how excited we felt,how our emotions ran high, the sensational burn of pride running through my icy veins.
I say icy veins because during the years running up to London twenty twelve I was young, foolish and cynical towards what I thought was almost a blaspheme perception of what is actually an amazing city. I was adamant that having the Olympics in London would spoil our ,media and image with false advertisement and iconography.if London was just beautiful buildings with stunning architecture and big red busses full of people drinking tea with their pinkies sticking out and posh upper and middle class people getting in to black taxis going around Westminster, then yes that would’ve been fine. However, thats just two sq miles of an entire city throbbing with multiculturalism and diverse communities. It’s a city where no matter where your from, you can be what ever you want. I thought the Olympics was just some privileged people who were lucky enough to have gone to good schools showing off what they can do.
I was incredibly wrong. Me and my family sat down in from of the tv and watched the the opening ceremony of what was an amazing month In which memories were made.the sense and unity I felt made my heart melt and as the warm liquid spread through my veins causing a torrent of emotions in the room, so of which were joy, pride happiness and hope. Hope that not only London can be a better place, nor the uk. But that the whole world has potential to be a better place. Bucket loads of it.

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