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Around the world on Shrove Tuesday people take part in pancake races and competitions. Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent. An important time in the Christian calendar, Lent lasts for forty days and represents the time Jesus spent in the wilderness.
On Pancake Day there are competitions there are races, competitions to see who can cook the biggest pancake, the biggest pancake in the world weighed three tones and had over two million calories.
People eat simply during Lent they also use up the eggs and butter they won’t eat during Lent by making pancakes.


The crying of a hungry baby.
The singing of a drunken man.
The fear of a lonely lady.
And the dog that barked for ham.
Some kids worked all day.
None of them could even play.
Kids played with whatever they could find.
Jump in puddles and trees they could climb.

A trip to the Globe ROH’s side

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HBL and ROH stood on Blackfriars bridge shouting abuse at each other oblivious of the people crossing the road to ovoid them. “Where’s the bridge gone”? ROH shouted at HBL “You’ve got us lost, “she barked back.                                         

To think that they were going to the Globe Youth Theatre to get acting lessons they had put on quite a performance.

They had left the hospital just an hour before. HBL wanting anything but to go, and ROH only going because he had been threatened by his mother. She had threatened that she would cut him off from his credit card. ROH refused to do anything remotely active and insisted that they both take a cab. But HBL had insisted that they walk, saying that it was only a short walk.

After about an hour of walking and numerous arguments they arrived at the Globe with sour faces and tired bodies. Luckily there was a Starbucks outside and they were able to refuel.  They walked into the Globe to find a bunch of 25 year old students. So frantically they both ran out Starbucks in hand. After mustering up the courage, they walked back in to find that the students were just tourists. 

By the time they got back KJ (the head of the youth theatre) had arrived and was waiting for them. She asked questions like how they were and was there any change at the hospital. They told her that they were both fine and that there was no change at the hospital. She then left to talk to other staff. So HBL and ROH were left sitting their own making each other more nervous.

When it was finally time to go in they were so nervous that they were both shaking.  They sat down together like conjoined twins. They both were determined not to look like they were having too much fun. Both HBL and ROH were starting to relax until the group leaders said the worst thing they could. They said that mobile phones are banned. So as fast as they could I phone’s and Blackberry’s went under their clothingAfter countless name games and ROH still not remembering any one’s name they finally gave up. And were taken on a tour of the Globe and they were told that they would be singing on the stage. ROH and HBL looked  at each other in pure shock.

When they got back to the classroom they were asked to act out how they got to the Globe. They both burst out in laughter so loud that everyone looks at them. So they did exactly what they hade been asked to do they start shouting at each other.

After watching everyone left go home. The homework was to bring back a song that best described togetherness.

Congratulations! What a wonderful day!

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I just wanted to say on behalf of Globe Education, how much we all enjoyed the installation today. It was a wonderful day which was both engaging and inspiring.   

Each part of the school was beautifully decorated which ignited the imagination and made the afternoon very magical.  I know that a few audience members went through the installation twice as they said that each time they went through they noticed something different – from the shoes, to the banquet to the lanterns which changed colour as we got nearer to Arden, to looking closely at the masks or listening to the soundscape in the cupboard again.  The live music enhanced the atmosphere – telling the story of the Court and Forest musically, particularly at the beginning of the afternoon where the audience could hear all the music being created in the forest of Arden.   I have also been reading and hearing comments about how good the acting was – I think the live elements throughout were excellent – you all worked so hard and you each gave outstanding performances – well done.  Your characterisations and use of voice were brilliant – and learning your lines really meant that you could play your part and show your skills in characterisation.

 Thank you so much to all staff and students – I think through our collaboration we were really able to capture today all of the work we had done over the past 5 weeks. 

I will be coming in tomorrow morning from 9.30-10.30 am, as I would like to discuss with you the following questions, which would be great for us to comment on here too:

What will stay in your heart from this project?

What will stay in your head from this project?

What will you take with you? (all the elements you enjoyed and what you learnt)

What will you leave behind you from this project?

Congratulations to everyone at the Evelina Hospital School – once we have typed up some audience comments and have the DVD ready we will make sure you have a copy – and the photographs also!  I just wanted to say THANK YOU once again to all staff and students.



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The photographer who took this took photographs at our As You Like It installation today.

Roslinds dear diary

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Dear diary,

Today was scary with Duke Fredrick’s eyes full of anger, i was scared did not know what to do, did not know where to run. Celia was there right by my side to help me. Ive got to do into the forest and they think I’m banished.

I cannot believe I’m going to the forest with my best friend Celia, what do I do? I am excited to go but scared at the same time .I can’t believe it, the forest is dark and scary and that’s where I’m going. Forest here I come.


ROH’s soundfile

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This soundfile represents the Court in As You Like It.

The surface is civilised, which is where ROH has chosen the music, the woman singing, but underneath this civilised, cultured facade the court is a frightening, violent and repressive place.

Duke Frederick

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Duke Frederick is an evil, power hungry man. He has thrown his brother, Duke Senior out and banishes him to the Forest of Arden.

He is evil because he is now banishing his brother’s daughter Rosalind to the Forest of Arden because he says she’s a traitor.

Duke Frederick shows his power by being demanding for example by saying “Mistress, dispatch you with your safest haste and get you from our court.”

He is feared rather than loved. He says “You are a fool. You niece, provide yourself. If you outstay the time, upon mine honour, and in the greatness of my word, you die.”

 He is scary because he is willing to kill Rosalind if she doesn’t leave the court within 10 days. He says “You, cousin within these ten days if that thou be’st found so near our public court as twenty miles thou diest for it.

By Hollie L.

As You Like It Quiz

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1) As You Like It opens with a dispute between two brothers and the theme of brotherly relationships is central to the play. there are two sets of brothers in the play, what are their names?

A) Duke Frederick and Duke Charles Oliver, Orlando and Jaques De boys

B) Duke Frederick and Duke Charles: Oliver, Orlando and Jaques De boys

C) Duke Frederick and Duke Senior: Oliver and Orlando De boys

D) Duke Frederick and Duke Senior: Oliver, Orlando and Jaques De boys

2. What does Rosalind give Orlando after he defeats Charles the wrestler ?

A) A ring from her finger

B)  A lock from her hair

C) A chain from her neck

D) A letter from her father

3) In act two Amiens sings: Come hither, Come hither, Come hither. Her shall he see no enemy….. What is the following line?

A)  But chiding frosh of winter

B) But stag running through the heather

C) But huntsman, blow and quiver

D) But winter and rough weather

4) Who utters these immortal lines: “all the world`s a stage, all the men and women mearly players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts” ?

A) Touchstone

B) Jaques

C) Duke Senior

D) Rosalind

5) What is Celia`s name while she is disguised in the forest?

A) Aliena

B) Phebe

C) Audrey

D) She does not change her name

6) Why does Rosalind in disguise as Ganynede, agree to pretend to be Rosalind for Orlando

A) So Orlando can practise wooing her

B) Because Orlando misses her

C) To keep them entertained in the forest

D) To cure Orlando of love

7) Who writes a love letter to Rosalind (as Ganymeade)

A) Silvius

B) Amens

C) Orlando

D) Phoebe

8) Which character says, the fool doth think he is wise man knows himself a fool

A) Orlando

B) Jaques

C) Touchstone

D) Duke Frederick

9) Which character does Touchstone reprimand and dismiss for loving Audrey, who Touchstone himself has decided to marry

A) Silvius

B) William

C) Corin

D) Sir Oliver Martext  

10) Why does Frederick return his crown to his brother. Duke Senior.

A) He falls in love

B) He is persuaded to by Jacques

C) He is converted by an old religious man

D) He is attacked by a lion, and thus achieves enlightenment.

This information was based on work soursed from fun trivia .com

Act I scene iii Banished!

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It looks like this is the scene we’ll be concentrating on most.

So, start thinking about what it means and put yourself in the position of one of the three characters. It’s up to you which character you choose.

How do you feel at the start of the scene? Do your feelings change as the scene progresses? Are you shocked? angry? bored? triumphant? None of these things? All of them?

Write a short diary entry in the comments box as the character you have chosen and we’ll have a look at them next week!