What makes a school successful?

Posted: July 4, 2013 by celiaayli in Schoolwork
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A successful school is somewhere children/students interact as a team, with each other and teachers. A successful school is also somewhere people treat each other with respect.
A successful school is when students motivate themselves like setting their own goals and trying different things like clubs etc.

My success:

Was being MY OWN motivation and having faith in myself!

Was helping others with their work if they was stuck so I would be pushing them and also making me feel good in myself!

What makes evelina school successful?

Evelina school is successful because they make things feel normal to you, and do things that you would usually do for example studying and working. You wouldn’t usually do these type of things in hospital. They also help me catch up on my education instead of me staying behind on my work.

By A.D Year 8.

  1. INC says:

    Successful schools are made up of students who take risks with their learning, as you have demonstrated in our classroom. Well done, and thank-you.

  2. aleunam says:

    Dear A.D. – I am glad you think Evelina is a successful school and that you felt you benefitted from your time in the classroom. I enjoyed reading your blog contribution.

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