My experience of 2012

Posted: September 10, 2012 by orlandoayli in creative writing, Schoolwork
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When I’m ninety, i will brag to the world about how I was alive during twenty twelve and how it felt to be there,how excited we felt,how our emotions ran high, the sensational burn of pride running through my icy veins.
I say icy veins because during the years running up to London twenty twelve I was young, foolish and cynical towards what I thought was almost a blaspheme perception of what is actually an amazing city. I was adamant that having the Olympics in London would spoil our ,media and image with false advertisement and iconography.if London was just beautiful buildings with stunning architecture and big red busses full of people drinking tea with their pinkies sticking out and posh upper and middle class people getting in to black taxis going around Westminster, then yes that would’ve been fine. However, thats just two sq miles of an entire city throbbing with multiculturalism and diverse communities. It’s a city where no matter where your from, you can be what ever you want. I thought the Olympics was just some privileged people who were lucky enough to have gone to good schools showing off what they can do.
I was incredibly wrong. Me and my family sat down in from of the tv and watched the the opening ceremony of what was an amazing month In which memories were made.the sense and unity I felt made my heart melt and as the warm liquid spread through my veins causing a torrent of emotions in the room, so of which were joy, pride happiness and hope. Hope that not only London can be a better place, nor the uk. But that the whole world has potential to be a better place. Bucket loads of it.

  1. INC says:

    “The sensational burn of pride running through my veins” excellent!
    You have written a really good piece here. If you have time to go through it, just look out for where you have repeated vocabulary and see if you could make it stronger by changing the words, or if you feel that the repetition helps to build the atmosphere.

  2. ROH says:

    What a wonderful pice of work this is 🙂 I can really feel your passion and excitement for what was truly the greatest show on earth. One thing that I would say would be if you spend a few moments looking through your work and correcting the few little mistakes that you have.

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