Hbl’s Autumn colours poem.

Posted: September 30, 2010 by rosalindayli in general, HBL, poetry, Pupil
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    Autumn Colours

Autumn comes in many colours:

Grey as the squirrels in the park

And the early morning mist.

Red as my Man United football shirt

And the sky in the morning.

Yellow as melted butter on corn on the cob

And the sunflower fields.

Green as the frogs on the lily pads, in the swamp

And as a juicy green apples.

Blue as a rough sea in a storm

And Blue is my name.

Brown as a football kit after a muddy match

And as a oak tree

Black as my moods in the morning

And the nights sky.

  1. evelinasec says:

    Nice poem HBL
    I like your penultimate line!
    Next time, it would be good if you played a bit with the fonts and colours, or used a picture to illustrate your writing.

  2. Aleunam says:

    I enjoyed reading you autumn poem, HBL .. . I like the way you include personal feelings and emotions, not just images.

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