Congratulations! What a wonderful day!

Posted: May 25, 2010 by globeayli in Globe

I just wanted to say on behalf of Globe Education, how much we all enjoyed the installation today. It was a wonderful day which was both engaging and inspiring.   

Each part of the school was beautifully decorated which ignited the imagination and made the afternoon very magical.  I know that a few audience members went through the installation twice as they said that each time they went through they noticed something different – from the shoes, to the banquet to the lanterns which changed colour as we got nearer to Arden, to looking closely at the masks or listening to the soundscape in the cupboard again.  The live music enhanced the atmosphere – telling the story of the Court and Forest musically, particularly at the beginning of the afternoon where the audience could hear all the music being created in the forest of Arden.   I have also been reading and hearing comments about how good the acting was – I think the live elements throughout were excellent – you all worked so hard and you each gave outstanding performances – well done.  Your characterisations and use of voice were brilliant – and learning your lines really meant that you could play your part and show your skills in characterisation.

 Thank you so much to all staff and students – I think through our collaboration we were really able to capture today all of the work we had done over the past 5 weeks. 

I will be coming in tomorrow morning from 9.30-10.30 am, as I would like to discuss with you the following questions, which would be great for us to comment on here too:

What will stay in your heart from this project?

What will stay in your head from this project?

What will you take with you? (all the elements you enjoyed and what you learnt)

What will you leave behind you from this project?

Congratulations to everyone at the Evelina Hospital School – once we have typed up some audience comments and have the DVD ready we will make sure you have a copy – and the photographs also!  I just wanted to say THANK YOU once again to all staff and students.


  1. HLB says:

    I had great fun doing the Globe theatre 🙂 The whole five weeks was just amazing. When the Globe theatre first came in, and we did our first workshop with Kate, I didn’t want to take part as I was shy and didn’t want to look silly, but now I love doing the workshops and I’m quite upset that there aint going to be anymore. The best bit about doing the installation was the acting and making the masks with anna. I now want to join the Globe youth theatre group. I am hoping to join in September.
    Thank You Kate for giving us the opportunity to take part in the As You Like It installation. & Also Thanks to the whole Globe team who have been with us the past five weeks.
    From Holie L. 😀 x

  2. ROH says:

    Hi Kate
    Ioved all the work that we have done in the five weeks. It was loverly to do something diferent. I dident know what to expect when i first herd that the globe was coming. but from the first time i meet all of you it was great fun. I have seen big chages in every one here even the one’s that were only here for a day. My faveret bit of the project was the practical sesions with you, Adem and katie. many thanks to all the globe team and every one who works there hope to hear from you soon love Ryan

  3. JC says:

    hi kate , katie and adam
    thanx for all the things that you have done with us i really enjoyed it , over the last 5 weeks i have really learnd how to act and not be shy it has benn real great fun .To be honsd when i first sure you i tought you lot where weird but do you no what i was wrong and you have all got my confidences up thank you so much . the best bits where when we wear out side with adam was really funny and just working with you guys thanxs i am really intressted in globe workshop youth gurop i hope to start in september looking fowrd to it thank you soooo much once again 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. KO says:

    Hi Kate,Katie and Adam I enjoyed the workshop and I wish I been hear from the start. But I really loved it. because of all the acting and singing even though I was not hear from the beging.I still got to say a little speech at the end it Ireally good and I want to say thank you to Globe theater for all the help over all these 5 weeks .Even though I didnt get a big part i sitll enjoed it !!!!!!!:)

  5. ARD says:

    i was only here for one day but i still i did a lot and i enjoyed it a lot imade countless mask with deep
    purple and rich blues i would want to be part of the project

    by alexander
    aka shopping_cart

  6. KO says:

    Yesterday I had the best day of my life with Globe theatre, with all the acting and the music it was just amazing because I just came on Monday and I did not known what we were doing or learning but when I got in to it and they told me what we were doing every thing was as if I was there from the start but when they said that we were perform tomorrow I was so down inside. I wanted it to go on for longer but I made the most of it and I pulled it of, I did a little say at the end of the play and I help the other actors and they were very friendly and, Kate and Katie wanted to involve me and make sure that I was not left out or that I didn’t have any thing to do they would kindly give me something to do and make sure am enjoying it. On the day of the performance we really knock it of lots of people came and really enjoyed it with the mask people and they really participate and really wanted to go on and on and on etc for those tow days it was a day that I will never forget hopefully we will do more work shop with them ,I interview lot of people and they said that they love the decoration and the music also I took are audience on the tour they love it the movie that we showed them of the preparation over the past five weeks it really gain the audience they were inspired.

  7. JimBob says:

    hi kate i though the dvd was great i liked the way the school was decorated and i liked the porformance they all put in to it was great i would of liked to of been there but i could of not of porformed in front fo all them people.

  8. evelinasec says:

    Dear Kate
    I want to thank you for the feedback in this post and to say how much I have enjoyed being part of this project. It has been a wonderful privilege working with you, Katie, Adam and May and the other Globe practitioners.
    I was very impressed by your professionalism and your high expectations.
    I am also so proud of all the secondary pupils who have contributed in so many ways to make the installation such a success. They worked extremely hard, inspired by your enthusiasm and commitment, and rose to every challenge. Fantastic! When can we work with you again?
    Best wishes

  9. Laura says:

    Hi Kate.
    Thank you for your hard work and dedication at Evelina. Your work is truely inspirational for young children.
    Since your visit many of the pupils here at Evelina have considered drama and performing arts as an interest beyond school and have developed in both self confidence and creativity.

    The work that the pupils produced is outstanding and they have taken great pride in decorating their classroom with their pieces.

    Take care, Laura

  10. Megan says:

    Hi everyone! Hope the installation went well! So sad I couldn’t stay around to see the finished product. I bet you all did great though. I had so much fun working with all of you and making all the different things like the masks and practicing the speeches. Thank you Isobel for letting me stay for an extra week. I hope I didn’t get in the way too much! Would have stayed for longer if I could! Missing you all. Hopefully I can come and visit at soon.

    Megan x

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