Act I scene iii Banished!

Posted: May 6, 2010 by INC in general, Globe
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It looks like this is the scene we’ll be concentrating on most.

So, start thinking about what it means and put yourself in the position of one of the three characters. It’s up to you which character you choose.

How do you feel at the start of the scene? Do your feelings change as the scene progresses? Are you shocked? angry? bored? triumphant? None of these things? All of them?

Write a short diary entry in the comments box as the character you have chosen and we’ll have a look at them next week!

  1. globeayli says:

    These questions are really useful to think about. We talked about the character of Rosalind today and how she must be feeling as she makes her way into the forest; scared, anxious, angry as well as perhaps feeling really confident a ‘new’ person in a ‘new’ place. This scene is really important to the installation – as it gives the audience context. Writing a diary entry helps us to understand the characters better and gives us the emotion to perform the lines with.

  2. evelinasec says:

    J and R are both writing diary entries as Rosalind, and Hollie is doing C tonight!!!!!

  3. ROH says:

    Dear Log
    my life is going into complete chose! Not only has my father been banished but that unholy tyrant Duke Fredrik. And now he wants me to out. It all started like this there me and Celia were walking around but how should we see but Touchstone. He said that there was going to be a fight so off we went but how should we see but the most beautiful person in the world ha said his name was Orlando and guess what he won the fight. And it made the Duke so mad to see his best wrestler losing. So me and Celia go into my room and out of the blue in comes the Duke and starts shouting at me. Saying things like get out , you only have ten days to get your stuff ready and your fathers a traitor and im not going to have any of that how dare he say my father was a tratior and then to say i was what is he on about. so then Celia has a word with him to try and cam him down and he is still shouting. and im trying to think of what he is on about. So then he leaves and im left with no home, no family and no money.
    Celia said that she would come with me and im like ok but she said that she was serious so I said all right go on then and so we started planing. I must admit I have had a full day of it.
    Yours truly Rosalind

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