Posted: May 7, 2010 by orlandoayli in general


As You Like It

Why are we talking about disguise?

In the play Rosalind, Celia, Oliver and Touchstone get banished into the forest. Rosalind dresses up in to a boy because no one would find her and no one would ask her questions. Rosalind also changes her name to Ganymede.

In the forest it is much better than being in the court because it is much freeer and there are no rules at all.

Ideas we had for our installation for the the themes of disguise are: wigs, maskes, change of clothing, to become a man if you are a woman and vice versa and to dress up as a tourist. All of these disguises are used to blend in with your background.

What’s going to be on my mask?

There’s going to be trees, day on one side nite on the other, glitter on some of it.

By Jessica.C

  1. globeayli says:

    This is great – we should start to think about ways to explain to our audience why we have chosen for them to wear masks in the court and NOT in the Forest of Arden – which is opposite to the play – do you think we should write the reason down in our classroom as that is the first place the audience enter, or should we explain it to them as we ask them to put on their masks?

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