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Why did he go on his exploration?

Vasco da Gama went on his exploration to try and find a way to sail to India because there were things there which were valuable and good for trading like spices, gems and precious metals.

Where did he go?

He set of from Portugal-which was where he lived-on the 8th July 1497. At first he sailed to Africa, and stopped at St Helens Bay, Mossel bay and then Moçambique, Mombasa and Malindi. In Malindi (which is on the other side of Africa) there was an Indian pilot who came with them and helped them to get to their final destination, Calicut in India.

What did he find and what did he do when he got there?

Vasco da Gama managed to find a successful, safe route to get to India and found out about what was there. When he was there, he tried to please the ruler of India (the samorin) by giving him gifts. The samorin did not like any of the gifts that Vasco da Gama gave him and did not want to trade. So ae Gama only managed to buy some pepper and cinnamon from the market in Calicut before he returned to Portugal to tell people what he had found.


Christopher Columbus

Why did he go on his exploration?

The port of Genoa in Italy was an exciting place for adventurers in the 15th century. In the harbour sailors from as far as Africa and Iceland swapped stories of the sea. A young Genoese boy called Christopher Columbus listened. The stories made him want to sail the oceans, and his seafaring adventures began at the age of 14.

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain agreed to provide the ships, sailors and supplies that he needed. So in 1492 Columbus was able to set sail from the Spanish port of Palos.

Where did he go?

Christopher Columbus was able to cross the north Atlantic because he understood the ocean’s wind. In the north the winds blow from west to east but further south. The winds blew Columbus the opposite way, from east to west. So Columbus kept to the south and returned to Spain by a northern route.

What did he find and do?

They bought spices and cotton cloths that had come overland from India and the far east, and dried and salted fish from the seas beyond Britain.


  1. Aleunam says:

    Dear AS and BM. what interesting entries you have written following your research. Well don to both of you! I am very impressed.

  2. INC says:

    Two very clear accounts, well structured and to the point. It would have been nice if you had included ome pictures too, or maybe maps.
    I watched a TED talk recently where the Roman Empire was described as a massive shopping trip. Your accounts of Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama made me think of exploration in the same terms. It was all about trade and international influence, wasn’t it.

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