The Sky

Posted: May 17, 2013 by pupilsinevelina in creative writing

Blue and cloudy. The sky. With its giant chalky lines across the sky, at heights I could only dream of reaching. The sea. Blue also. The fish like birds, both intended to soar. Its almost as though I could touch the sky, so close yet so far away. Just like the sea at different heights and the things that live in it. The Sun. Large and yellow with bright glistening rays peeking through the clouds. The clouds slowly drifted closer to the Sun and cushioned it softly. And a thick layer of fog formed a blanket over me keeping the Sun warm for the night. Soon the sky would be dark and stars would be shooting frantically across the sky busily. And the Moon would take its shift for another night.

By Moustache yr 7

  1. INC says:

    Good work Moustache. Just wondering if, as you have capitalised the sun and the moon, whether the sky should also have a capital letter?

  2. thefirepoet says:

    Glorious staccato lyricism – as soaring and
    majestic as the sky itself. Well done!

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