Boston Two Explosions

Posted: April 16, 2013 by dukefrederick in general, news
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Three people were killed and 144 injured at the finishing line of the Boston Marathon yesterday when two bombs exploded at 14:50 local time.
The dead include an eight year old boy. As yet, nobody knows who was responsible.
Police officers provided first aid. Three people died and at least 140 injured. Also, the injuries caused was severed limbs, shrapnel wounds, cuts and bruises. These people went to Massachusetts hospital. Sadly, an eight year old boy was one of the people who died.
Tim Davey, of Virginia. He said he and his wife, Lisa, tried to keep their children’s eyes shielded from the gruesome scene inside a medical tent. So the bombing must have been very serious.
The Boston Marathon is an annual event hosted by several cities in Greater Boston.It is always held on Patriots’ Day at the third Monday of April. It is the worlds oldest annual marathon, and it is ranked as one of the best-known road racing events.
The London Marathon takes place this weekend. Police are reviewing security.

By Nivlek, Joe Mo, dotdotdot, CR


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