What I Never Thought It Would Be !!

Posted: February 28, 2013 by dukefrederick in general

Today at Evelina secondary school we were looking at book previews on the World Book Day website for World Book Day which is next week, on March 7th 2013.

Me as a person, I don’t really like books but this gave me a chance to see little clips of the book as if it was an actual movie. I really enjoyed this because it saves me time of getting a book I don’t like. I thought this was a better way for kids like me because nowadays, we all find books boring. But this website really change the way I look at books. For once I am actually excited for The World Book Day.

The previews I looked at were Life an Exploded Diagram, Girls Parts and The Worst Thing about My Sister. My favourite was The Worst Thing about My Sister because the preview had an amazing   plot of two sisters that don’t get along at all. I will definitely read this book and I can’t wait to get my token on World Book Day because that’s the book I will use my token for. I would recommend this web site to children with the rough age of 14 like me even adults because it really does change the way you look at books. It helps you imagine what it’s actually like in real life. I worked with the teachers who really helped me understand how to review a book and made me give full detail of why and what I liked about this book.

Check on this website and tell me what you think about books!   http://www.worldbookday.com/    




  1. INC says:

    Nice work KO. Let us know if you set up that photo blog won’t you.

    • Aleunam says:

      Dear KO, you have opened my eyses to this new tool. I will check it out now. Anything which entices teenagers to read books must be a good thing! I thought this article was very well written – a good piece of ‘persuasive’ writing indeed, as it certainly got me hooked. I am glad you enjoyed your time at our school..

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