The tremendous power chair footballer Sahmed!

Posted: February 12, 2013 by celiaayli in general

Hey everybody!! Do you want to know what Sahmed a great power chair footballer for West Bromwich Albion does? If so carry on reading!!!

I have to get into my special chair when I play power chair football, which has a bumper at the front, so I can drive on to the ball. I have to make sure that I am strapped in carefully too!

Other members of my team are either the same age or a year or two older. In my team we have five players, where one is a substitute.I play in a centre forward position like my favourite striker Olivier Giroud. My favourite mate plays as a winger, like Theo Walcott, also known as crazy wing!!

I am interested in power chair football because I don’t have a chance to play normal football, and power chair football gives me the chance to play.

To play power chair football you need a lot of skills, and I mean a lot! You need listening skills, so you can hear what the coach is saying. You need to be a good driver, so you can hit the ball and score a goal like Olivier Giroud. You also need to learn from your mistakes, so you become a better footballer.

I started playing power chair football 3 years ago, when I was in year 5. I would definitely recommend power chair football, because it gives other people in wheelchair a lot of opportunity to play football!!


  1. aleunam says:

    celiaayli – Thank you for telling us all about this amazing sport which I had never heard of before – and for allowing us to see a picture of it in action. Absolutely fascinating! I hope I have the chance to see this in action some day – I am sure people who be interested to see such matches televised. Maybe we should start a campaign, what do you think?

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