One Direction

Posted: February 1, 2013 by celiaayli in general
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This is one of my favourite songs by One Direction.
I am their biggest fan. I have three of their albums on my iPod, and I have lots of pictures of them too.
I’d love to be a singer and sing with One Direction. My friend loves them too, like me. She has lots of posters of them in her bedroom, and a picture of Harry Styles too.
My wish would be to meet One Direction. I am going to see them later this month, if I’m lucky, I’ll have a backstage pass to meet them!
That would be awesome!
Zane is my favourite. He sings really well, and he’s even better looking than my dad.

by mapa yr 9

  1. celiaayli says:

    This is the best song ever!
    Mapa y9

  2. Aleunam says:

    Thank you for sharing your favourite song with us. I really enjoyed listening to it.

  3. r.d says:

    best song ever 😀 i love one direction and this is one of their best songs out 🙂

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