Using Audacity

Posted: January 28, 2013 by celiaayli in creative writing

Today we had a look at some poems about sea. We then practised them by reading it out loud. We shared the lines between each other. We tried to speak louder, but some of us found it easier than others.

Later we started to use the microphones, laptops and sound effects.
We were trying to make up a poem that you can listen too. We used the applications on the computer trying to make it louder.

In the afternoon session, I re-opened the file of our work and I added some effects to make our work more interesting and more enjoyable. Then I explained what we did.
Listen and please give us some feed-back on how we can improve it.

By KB,14.

  1. Goodness! You certainly covered lots of different learning with this work KB. Not only exploring poetry but using IT to support you!

  2. Nice use of Audacity! I like your sound effects and I think having different voices reading the poem is fascinating. Everyone has their own intonation and interpretation of the poem and it just sounds like a lovely dialogue! Great work!

    • INC says:

      Thanks, I don’t know if you read the earlier post by NC about how the poem was created. It was fun and everyone enjoyed it. We read it aloud a few times in class with each person saying their line, so it seemed natural to record it that way too.

  3. mrsdonald says:

    Well done, it sounds like you have used audacity very effectively and improved your work further. You also explained what you did clearly. An interesting post which has given me some ideas.

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