Ocean sounds and words! (poem)

Posted: January 24, 2013 by ROH in poetry

The Sea

The sea like a glass ball with 100 reflections,

Anyone can be seen in its detection,

Like a sunny day on the beach,

Everyone has a float but only one each,

The sea’s a warm bath with waves gushing bubbles,

Sometimes a water fight stirring up trouble,

Water’s a chameleon that munches on bugs,

Can change its colour to look like a rug,

But the sea can be a glowing pearl,

The beauty of life with waves that whirl,

And together at the sea you can play,

And you can visit it every day!

Click here to listen to our poem! :  Water poem final work

  1. INC says:

    Well done KB, we’ll get your work about how you did the recordings posted early next week.

  2. Sam Year 5 says:

    Wow. This is great! Fantastic rhythm.

  3. cliona says:

    Lovely poem, well done!

  4. Mrs W says:

    This is a fantastic poem.

    I live very near the sea, and would visit every day if I could. You have captured the changing essence of the sea beautifully. I have canoed when it it flat calm, and when there is surf. Luckily our canoe is very stable so I have never had an impromptu swim.

    My 10 year old daughter said last year that she, “loves the sound of the waves tickling the stones and pebbles”. She’s right too, it does seem very much like that especially if it’s tickling your toes as well.

    Well Done
    Mrs W
    Flamborough Primary School

  5. loved this poem – and lucky me, I can visit it every day because I live by it… Your fab poem has a lovely rhythm just like the waves.

    • INC says:

      So glad you liked this. We started using sound on our blog a couple of years ago. You might enjoy listening to some of our podcasts. We’d love to get your feedback.
      You have a very interesting website! I shall revisit and explore more.

  6. Ms Breyley (Shetland) says:

    What a great poem to read and to hear; the sound effects really added to the experience. I live on an island right next to the sea. Tonight it is really wild as we have a storm force wind and yet in a few hours it might, as you say, be like a glass ball with a 100 reflections. I never tire of watching it 🙂

    • INC says:

      Thank-you! Flas, who wrote this poem only attended one session in our classroom before he was discharged from hospital, but I do hope he reads your comment.
      We play with sounds quite a bit in the classroom, and your comments make me determined to get more sound recordings onto this blog.

  7. Cat says:

    What a fantastic poem! I loved reading it and then, when I heard the audio version I was even more impressed! Great use of audacity- well done!

    • INC says:

      The pupils are way ahead of me in their ability to use audacity. We have made various podcasts (you’ll find them on the blog) and I am always astounded by the way they grasp how to edit the sound files.

  8. Jen Lunn says:

    Love this poem! So evocative. I love how the lines follow each other with the rhythm of waves and each crash of a wave brings a new set of images.

    Really wonderful!

  9. INC says:

    Thanks everyone for commenting. We thoroughly appreciate it.

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