Writing the Poem

Posted: January 17, 2013 by orlandoayli in creative writing, general, photography, poetry, Pupil
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My beautiful picture

The lesson was about water. We were writing a group poem.

First we chose pictures of water from a magazine. Then we cut them out. Everyone said something they liked about the pictures. I said, “Because it’s bright”. Then I made it into a simile. “Because it’s bright like a sunny day.”

Next we shared our phrases and put them together to make a poem.

Then we said it aloud, trying different orders.

Finally I made a poster of my poem.

It was fantastic and it was a great idea to do it as a group because then we can explain what we’re doing to each other. I found this easier than doing it on my own. My favourite line is “Because it’s a pearl”.

NC Year 8

  1. orlandoayli says:

    its cool and our so amazing

  2. Aleunam says:

    Reading this explanation and then re-reading the poem The Sea was a real eye-opener. I am glad that I read the poem first, without knowing how it had been created, because now I was able to get double pleasure out of it when I read it a second time with the knowledge of how it was cooperatively produced.

    I am glad you enjoyed your time at the Evelina – and yes, I agree, it is such fun when we create things together and our minds spark off each other. Well done to all of you in the group that day.

  3. KF says:

    Well done NC, you worked hard on the poem, the poster and this blog post. It’s great that you enjoy group work as we can make some really wonderful pieces of work when we share ideas and put them together.

  4. Flas says:

    I liked the poem mainly because of the diversity of the words used to describe water. What i particularly like was the metaphor of saying ‘because its a window’. I enjoyed this because it really gets to explain how water really is because it really is like a window. Another part I liked was the chameleon metaphor, this was because it is both diverse to the window metaphor and it is a interesting word to use. Also the word chameleon stands out.

  5. INC says:

    Good work NC. And the button where you recorded your version of the poem has made it truly interactive. Great stuff. If you are in again soon, we can try another group poem I hope.

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