Folkestone Start On Fire in Kent rugby Festival

Posted: October 9, 2012 by dukefrederick in Event, festivals and remembrance, news
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By Bobby-Jim Freddybon, Our Y7 Sports Correspondent

The Kent Festival Under 12s rugby tournament kicked off to an exciting start as Folkestone  beat Blackheath 5-4 to  as rugby clubs from Dover to Blackheath  battled for the prized Kent Festival Cup.

Both Folkestone  and Blackheath were hungry to game. The match kicked off with a tremendous catch from the fly half from Folkestone as he weaved in and out from the opposition. But then the full back from Blackheath dived at his legs taking him down like a tree falling in the the woods. The Folkestone James  inside centre picked up the ball and dived for the try line. He did his signature cartwheel .

Folkstone kicked the ball to Blackheath’s full back he caught it but the Folkestone prop charged towards him and stole the ball from him and scored the second try for Folkestone.  Blackheath scored, making it a score of 2-1. Then in a dramatic come back  Folkstone scored 5-4 making them overall winners.

  1. INC says:

    Well done Bobby-Jim. I hope this is the first of many posts by you on this site. Have you plans to go to another rugby match this weekend. It would be great to hear about it.

  2. Aleunam says:

    Thanks for telling us this news, Bobby-Jim.

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