God brothers split

Posted: July 17, 2012 by yodadore in news, Pupil
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Last night an explosive battle between the battle gods ripped the skies, leaving Hades in charge of the underworld, Poseidon governing the seas, and Zeus emerging as top god, ruler of the universe.

Zeus, whose father tried to eat him when he was younger, is looking forward to moving into his new heavenly pad; heart broken Hades burning with raging revenge, protested for power over his brothers. Poseidon wasn’t over the moon but was pleased he had won the role of god of the sea; he had control of the trident.

Hades stormed off and wouldn’t talk to his brothers, “I hate it down here, it’s dark and miserable,” he said.

The god of the heavens, when asked about Hades’s hissy fit, he replied, “Not my fault he got the underworld, I mean, we did say one of us would get it.”

  1. Aleunam says:

    Yodadore – what can I say. What an imaginative reworking of the a Greek myth. I loved your modern take on the story with . The dialogue is amusing and the use of adjectives and alliteration – raging revenge … protested for power … Hades hissy (fit) …

  2. INC says:

    You’ve finished it! Hurrah. I shall look forward to your Harry Potter news story now. 🙂

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