Jubilee Concert

Posted: June 12, 2012 by rosalindayli in 100 Word challenge, Event, festivals and remembrance
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My name is May and I’m fourteen years old. You would think that a girl my age would be obsessed with shopping and boys but not me, I’m obsessed with the Royal Family.
It wasn’t always like this. The moment when I knew I loved the Royals was at the Jubilee weekend. My family thought it was another one of those passing phases but I knew it was for life. My mum, knowing how much I loved the royals, bought me tickets to the Jubilee concert.
It was the best time ever. I laughed and smiled all day.

  1. Aleunam says:

    I am glad you got yourself down to school, Rosalindayli! I would have love to have heard which acts you saw and which were your favourite – were you restricted to 100 words? Can I assume that the Gary Barlow gig was your favourite?

  2. INC says:

    Thanks for writing and posting this. I am glad you enjoyed the concert so much. It would be nice if you would write something more for us about things that catch your imagination.

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