Posted: May 18, 2012 by celiaayli in fun, poetry
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I am as heavy as a world and so powerful I can makes a earthquake.
Destroying homes and life so loud you can’t hear people screaming
Or building collapsing!
I can be so lite as a fever that you can her me;
You can’t hear me take the golden eyed child when all is silent.
You can’t see me;
You can’t fight me;
Because if you do, you will NEVER be remembered !
That will NEVER be found!

  1. when i met Phillip he told me he was a poet and i thought straightaway ohh no not again, i hate poetry. well anyway i had ago at Phillips way of poetry, he help me to make up my own word out of the 3 word of my choice and put the together, Twinzalial. Then he said to say Twinzalial and to move my hands as in saying it.
    So i did and one hand felt heavier then the other one because it felt really light.
    it was kinder strange like if i was in my own world of Twinzalial, i said it like if it was evil, i dont know why i just was.
    Phillip them said write what you want nothing is going to be wrong because it YOUR poem.
    so i did, i didnt know where the poem was going but i carried on a didnt look back.
    i said to Phillip that im done and he was so impressed he read it out to the class.
    They were very amazed and i was too. icarried on writing poetry and im realing enjoying it.
    Phillip found my hidden talend!

  2. INC says:

    A great post and a great comment too, Winnie. Keep writing. We’ll look forward to reading and hearing more of your work.
    Let me know if you want to try recording and posting a sound file of your poem.

  3. Manuela says:

    Dear Winnie,
    thank you for describing your experience with our poet in residence, Phillip. This has allowed me to have a keyhole view of things going on in the school without actually being there. My favourite part of your description is hearing how phillip helped you to see another side of poetry. I’m so pleased that you enJoyed the session and that your felt proud of what you achieved in it!

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