A Pupil’s View

Posted: March 30, 2012 by orlandoayli in general, Pupil
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I like the classroom because everybody is friendly and the work isn’t tedious or intimidating. The teachers are firm but fair. They understand if you are not well it can be quite tiring but they want you to try your very best. When I first arrived I thought the school would be bigger and busier. If you feel nervous, you won’t be for long. It’ll distract you from your situation and stimulate your mind. So, if you’d like my advice, as soon as you well enough, don’t hesitate to join us.

by Negomi aged 14

  1. Manuela says:

    Thank you for your very helpful feedback on our school provision, Negomi. It is always wonderful to hear from older pupils what they think of the school. Manuela, the headteacher

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