Tatty’s ” Flying Horse”

Posted: March 29, 2012 by orlandoayli in poetry, Pupil
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Flying Horse

I’ve seen a horse, a horse that can fly.
A dazzling horse, she flies in the sky.

Wings spread wide, a horse you can’t ride.
WHOOOOOSH blows your hair, as she soars by.

A flying horse, that runs in the clouds,
her hooves don’t even touch the ground.

Bright and shimmering in the sun,
this flying horse looks so much fun!

If only I could catch her, and jump on her back!
Grab her white mane, wrap my arms around her neck.

The ride of my life, flying through the sky,
on a horse’s back, a horse that can fly!

Is she real or is she a lie?

The legend goes just like this…
whoever can ride her gets to keep Pegasus!

  1. bmordan says:

    I love the artwork. I wish horses could actually fly.

  2. swallow56 says:

    Your completed picture looks amazing, you really worked hard on this. I enjoyed working with you creating this. 😀

  3. AJWembley says:

    The picture looks amazing. I love the glitter and sparkle, the horse looks as if it is really flying. Well done Tatty!!!

  4. Manuela says:

    I absolutely LOVED both the picture and the poem! It is such fun to get an immediate ping in my inbox when you update the website with your latest contributions. The colours and breeze effect created by the stars give Pegasus are real sense of motion. The poem has humour and the rhythm employed also communicates movement – the cantering of a horse?

    Most enjoyable! Well done all who contributed to these two pieces of work.

  5. INC says:

    The sparkly bits give the picture movement. The whole things works really well. And it is wonderfully tactile. 🙂

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