Through Picture!

Posted: March 27, 2012 by orlandoayli in general, photography
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Through Picture!

This is a photograph taken through my window in my cubicle in the Evelina Hospital where I am an inpatient.

DJ1 YR 7

  1. INC says:

    Good photo DJ1. I like the way you have caught the shadows, and the diagonals. It has a very geometric feel.
    This was taken with the Lego camera wasn’t it? Waht did you think of it.

  2. swallow56 says:

    Good picture DJ1. I have seen a new part of the hospital which I never saw before. You have used the camera well to show the different angles.

  3. AJWembley says:

    DJ1 – I love this picture, it almost looks like a giant boomerang!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Get well soon!

  5. Manuela says:

    This picture evokes mystery … it shows a hidden part of the hospital that not everyone would be able to see. Have you noticed the reflection in the glass which mirrors the elongated bars on the roof but look like steps in the reflection. I loved the different patterns captured in this photo and the use of lines and geometric shapes, as well as the contrast created by light, shade and reflection.

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