Evelinasec blog cards

Posted: March 21, 2012 by bmordan in fun, general
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In our class we are always writing out the address of our blog on scraps of paper, and asking students to come and visit our blog and leave some comments. So how about a set of business cards? What do you think of this design? It is made to reflect the design of the site. The QR code takes you to the blog on a mobile device with QR code reading software on it. What else would you have on it?


Click on the card to have a closer look

  1. Plastic Business Cards says:

    A business card must according to the business . It is representing the personality of a person so it must be like the taste of a person!

    Plastic Card

  2. DJ1 says:

    I think the card is very good although I think that maybe you could have a multicoloured backround
    instead of a black one.

  3. DEE-DEE says:

    i think that the card is fine the way it go with the web site it will be able to catch young people eye it’s fine the way it is

  4. JDB says:

    it is good, it has good contrast but you should make the font underneath evelinasec’s.

  5. L.M.E.C. says:

    yes! Its’s great. I really like it and it goes with the webpage. This definately represents the secondary school years. The red raelly stands out and is realy eye catching.

  6. hbl010 says:

    I do like the layout and style of the card, I just think the colours are a bit dark. Maybe change the colours to brighter colours.

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