100 Word Challenge

Posted: March 5, 2012 by INC in Flash fiction

This week it is a picture prompt.
You have one hundred words to write a story inspired by this photograph. the deadkline is Tuesday 6th March.
Post your stories in a comment box, and we will link them to the host page.

  1. iggy says:

    Mystery Bones!!!
    One day in the heart of Kentucky, a palaeontologist was digging and found a heap of bones. He phoned his team and said, “Hey, you won’t believe this!” then sent the bones off to the lab. Once all the tests came back, the team learned the bones were prehistoric. They belonged to a peramov. Word got out. A museum said it would love to display the bones. But people thought the bones were dull. So the palaeontologist puzzled the bones together, and placed them in the museum. The bones became an amazing piece of art and have been ever since.

    by iggy yr 7

  2. DJ1 says:

    The Bone Thief!
    He stepped into the alleyway leading to the Museum of Modern Art. The man was a master thief and was determined to steal the bone sculpture, so he quickly ran up the alleyway and climbed up a drainpipe. The museum had a glass roof so the thief used a glass cutter to cut through the roof relatively quietly, so the alarm didn’t go off. He quickly jumped down onto the floor. The thief snuck over to the sculpture without realising that there were laser beams everywhere! The alarm immediately started screaming, so the thief was arrested. To Be Continued………

    By DJ1 Yr 7

    • INC says:

      Very nicely paced DJ1. And I like the cliffhanger. I should very much like it if you were to continue this.
      You might consider polishing it up, checking the punctuation and looking at sentence length, and extending it for the 500 word challenge.
      I shall be watching with interest!

  3. INC says:

    Well done iggy and DJ! for posting your stories before the deadline.
    If you click here http://100wc.net/?p=501 you will be able to read stories that others have entered.
    Remember to leave polite, constructive comments.

    Watch out for the next challenge.

  4. Mrs Skinner says:

    Found it – no.162!

  5. sugar143 says:

    Hey iggy I think you have done a fantastic story with great detail with just 100 words . I also like the fact you have added mystery into your story .With a wide range of punctuation for example full stop , exclamation , speech marks, comers and capital letters for the start of your sentence . On the other hand for the word “said” you can use a different verb for example announced declared and many more. But very well done I will like to know what happens next well done iggy hope you try out the next one .

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