Charles Dickens THE MOVIE

Posted: February 10, 2012 by orlandoayli in Event, festivals and remembrance, fun, ICT and eSafety at Evelina, photography, Schoolwork
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We have been learning about Charles Dickens and his life, books and family.
We also learned about Victorian times, and decided to make a stop motion animation about Dickens
Also we looked up on the internet about when Charles Dickens was alive. We learned he was married to Catherine Hogarth. Also, he had two jobs before he became an author.
Dickens was born 7th February 1812. This year, it is the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens’ birth. We decided to make the stop motion animation. First I created a story board about Charles Dickens and his life. It was fun.
We started to take photos of a doll we made of Charles Dickens. We created a background for the video in GIMP.
Written by Roo

  1. JM says:

    It was informative
    but it could have been longer and clearer

  2. hbl010 says:

    This video is very well put together. This looks very professional 🙂

  3. INC says:

    This is so good. Give yourselves a big pat on the back. It was a big learning curve for all involved. Well done.

  4. marylou11 says:

    I really enjoyed this animation Ryan – pity it’s a bit late for the Oscars now, I am sure it would have been a winner!

  5. Manuela Beste says:

    What an absolutely brilliant animation. Congratulations to all secondary students and staff who worked on this project to bring about this result. I am humbled and truly impressed with the high standard of the outcome. Charles Dickens life really ‘comes to life’. The animation has pace, humour, and interest. I was also very impressed with the quality of the scenery backdrop and the puppets you created for the animation.

    Please spread the word about this animation so that more people can enjoy it and we get lots more feedback.

    How about forwarding a link to this animation to the English and Literacy co-ordinators of various schools in Lambeth and Southwark, suggesting they get their classes to write what they liked and learned from animation as a class exercise. I bet you’ll get lots more responses.

    You could also forward it to the headteachers of other hospital schools.

    Good luck Manuela

    • INC says:

      We’ll ask you to pass the word around! Glad you liked it. The process was fun and we all learned a great deal, both about Dickens and about stop motion animation.

  6. Lovely animation guys 🙂

    I was happy that I learned a few new things about Boz in the process. Such as that he renamed himself Boz!

    Really made me smile


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