New 100wc and over 16s can join in too!!!!!!

Posted: February 9, 2012 by INC in general message from Julia:

“As you may know I run a 100 word challenge for grown ups and they have asked if both challenge could have the same prompt. Well, I like to do as I’m told so the prompts are the same. It is:

…it wasn’t my fault…

The Grown Ups have already started their challenge so you could click HERE to go and comment on theirs!”

Sixteen-year-olds and under post your stories in the comments box below.
I’ll put up another post for over 16 (that includes teachers and parents) soon.

  1. JM says:

    Sleeping by JM year 7
    “It wasn’t my fault that there’s an ant in your burger. I got mine from around the corner. Let’s get a hot dog from the shop down the road. Oh no, Jim there’s a spider in my hot dog! Let’s go to the shop up the road. Oh no, Jake there’s a cricket in my cake. Oh wait Jack, there was nothing in my burger and hot dog. Then I fell into a hole with Jim, Jake and Jack and died in pain. Suddenly, I woke up from my long dream. No Jack No Jake No Jim no burger No hotdog just a pillow.”

  2. miss LE says:

    She’s sitting on the sofa with her brother, Sam. Sam says she knocked the computer over. She feels bad. He is angry and accusing. He pushed her off the sofa. She lands on the floor with a thump.
    “It wasn’t my fault” she says.
    He’s not listening. He kicks her
    She runs out of the room she goes up the stairs. When she gets to her room she picks up the computer from the floor even though she hadn’t knocked it over. She puts it on the desk
    Sulkily she hugs the cat and plots.

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